Feathercoin… a new beginning?

As we remember, we get free Feathercoin (FTC) daily by simply being registered at Qoinpro multicurrency wallet.

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Although, unlike Fedoracoin, which we discussed in one of our previous posts, Qoinpro charges a transaction fee and a minimum withdrawal fee to transfer Feathercoin to an external wallet (or an exchange), the minimum withdrawal amount is easily achievable (just make sure you register, login once daily and keep collecting).

feathercoin low minimum withdrawal

Feathercoin could roughly be called Bitcoin’s younger cousin. It is an old and established “lightweight” coin, created as an alternative to Litecoin, featuring an interesting NeoScrypt algorithm. It was recently revitalised, the developers released a new wallet, achieved a market cap. of circa $43 mil and now FTC is actively traded on a number of exchanges, including Cryptopia and CoinExchange.

feathercoin market cap feathercoin chart

(source –

Regardless whether you would prefer to exchange your free Feathercoins, or keep them for a while, a healthy balance of an active community, experienced developer, circulating supply and daily trade volume, in combination with a renewed public interest make FTC an interesting crypto to follow in the coming months.


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