What makes a Faucet legitimate?

Minor details. For example, customer care emails such as these (received minutes ago):

“Dear user,

Due to an issue with Twitter’s API, our automatic drawing system for Lottery Round 144 (scheduled for Sunday, March 4 2018) experienced a failure and was unable to proceed with the picking of winners.

We would like to profusely apologize for this inconvenience and have added checks to ensure that this does not happen again.

We shall be refunding the cash equivalent of the tickets that you had in this round (1 satoshi per ticket) directly to your account balance and cancelling lottery round 144. You can use this credit to participate in lottery round 145 or for any other purpose on the website.

Since you had 44 tickets in lottery round 144, we have credited your account balance with 44 satoshi (0.00000044 BTC).

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused and we have modified our drawing system accordingly so that failure in third-party services will not affect our drawing system in the future.”

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Read more about FreeBitcoin and its sister faucet FreeDogecoin

P. S. 

Please rest assured that all faucets recommended on our website are reputable, tested out personally and that you will always be able to withdraw your earnings to a wallet of your choice (that is why we have not yet released the full review of an excellent Cointply Bitcoin faucet; we will as soon as the faucet will pay out ,as promised in its T&Cs!). 

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