Friendz ICO update – international App launch

According to today’s Friendz newsletter, the platform’s Android app has been finally officially released internationally.

We have previously mentioned that Friendz is an established marketing advisory company and uses the ICO for targeted fundraising. Although the FDZ Etherium token is not yet traded externally (as far as we know) app development usually positively affects the market price.

friendz mobile app launch during ico token saleEspecially if the app is something of quality.

friendz releases an android app during its ico token sale

“Why should I use Friendz app?

Friendz app allows you to be rewarded for something that you already have been doing: publishing contents on your social network profiles!

For every campaign that you take part in, you get a reward that you can use to get vouchers and coupons from online ecommerces.”

Cool! What should I do?

What you need to do is to choose the campaign you like, read the guidelines carefully and create a content that respects the rules. You then upload the content in the app and just wait until your content passes the approval process!

The majority of the campaigns require to take a nice picture, some others require to share links, complete surveys or do other actions. Every campaign has a clear description of what you need to do.

And what happens after my picture is approved?

Once your content is approved, you receive a notification in the app and your content is published on your personal profile on Facebook or Instagram. You will see in the app the number of credits you received as reward!

If your content is rejected you will be invited to upload a new one, with a short explanation of what was wrong.

In the special section of the app you will see the prizes available in that moment and that you can get using your credits.”


Further reading:

Reviews, ranking Friendz amongst the best ICOs on the market at the moment:

4.6 / 5 on TrackICO:
9,4 / 10 on ICOmarks

Friendz Whitepaper:

How to add FDZ to your EtherWallet::

Surprisingly, for those interested in purchasing some tokens early on, the prices are quite reasonable:

FDZ token buy Friendz token ICO token sale buy early

Q: Do the tokens have any use apart from investment potential?

A: Yes.

what are Friendz tokens for Friendz ico buy tokens early
We believe that purchasing tokens for the sake of purchasing tokens is borderline gambling, or, at best, opportunistic investment. FDZ tokens cam be utilised whether or not their value increases.

We are anticipating the appearance of FDZ token on one of the major exchanges. Meanwhile, though, don’t forget about trying to get ahold of some free FDZ and…

Friendz, FDZ, Token, Buy FDZ token

P. S.

What about an app for actual.. an iOS app?

“Don’t worry, you won’t be left behind! You are invited to participate to the same campaigns from the web app and, in some weeks, you will be able to download the app from your mobile phone too!”

*hint: we hope the FDZ tokens will appear on at least one public exchange before the iOS app hits the international market,

Stay tuned!


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