How did the news about alleged hack spread?..

In the previous post we have included an original quote from BitcoinTalk forum thread, which seems to be the one (and only) “proof”, if we can call it that, of an actual hack even happening.

We are strictly against creating the impression of duplicate articles through re-posting content and would rather recommend you read parts I, II and III of today’s (or yesterday’s for some) “attack”. In this case, however, it’s a must. This comment sparked the “Hacking” legend:

Coinpot hack myth

Fun fact: the author of the comment is Mexicantarget, the owner of FaucetHub, which announced the hack TEN hours prior to any Coinpot user. Although, reportedly, the owners of FaucetHub and Coinpot are “friends” and while Mtarget “skyped” his friend immediately, it all seems like an interesting set of coincidences.

Personal relationships is none of our business, but facts are facts: on a smaller scale, Coinpot is a system vastly superior to FaucetHub and the recent liberalisation of Bitcoin withdrawal process, without a shadow of a doubt, undercut FaucetHub. Besides, if the two are on friendly terms, how comes there is a 1,5% fee on withdrawals to a FaucetHub account from CoinPot, which is an exception, rather than a rule?.

transaction fees of coinpot to faucethub
You can transfer DASH even to Coinbase with no fee, however, there is a 1,5% withdrawal fee to FaucetHub.

(then again, who in their sane mind would want to withdraw DASH to FaucetHub from Coinpot, if DASH can be withdrawn to any major exchange for trading purposes (we recommend Binance), directly converted into any other currency (we recommend Changelly), or any personal wallet?)

Perhaps, for a greater shock effect, Mr. Meicantarget should have said that there are traces of evidence leading the investigation to assume that the CoinPot “hack” is organised by Vladimir Putin himself to disrupt the status quo on the cryptocurrency market in light of the upcoming legal integration of cryptocurrencies into the economy of the Russian Federation?

(note: the Sherlock-like detective rhetoric of the article is there merely for entertainment purposes)


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