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New mining solution… Bitcoin is coming!!!

Mine coins while… Heating up your house. Bright minds at Quarnot, a French company, came up with an interesting mining solution: a device which uses the heat generated from Bitcoin mining for heating up a space. Profits from heating/mining can be monitored through an app or the heater’s LED screen. The insides of the heater are: two AMD graphics processing units (GPUs) (Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 580 with 8GB of RAM). No operating system, or a hard drive are included.

“The heat of your QC-1 is generated by the two graphics cards embedded in the device and mining cryptocurrencies or blockchain transactions: While heating, you create money.”

NOTEQarnot doesn’t take a cut of the crypto your QC-1 mines!

If you are mining bitcoin using QC-1, the price of $3600-per-unit might scare you off and some sceptics, i. e. Jayce Wagner claim that “Nobody is going to buy one of these things and strike it rich, that part of the cryptocurrency boom is probably over”.

(source –

That’s it, guys.  Cryptocurrency mining boom is over. You will not trike rich. Mr. Wagner has spoken. The end.


We wonder whether Mr. Wagner has contemplated that the profitability of mining Bitcoin and the profitability of mining an altcoin can vastly differ in favour of the latter?

“The GC-1 mines ether by default, but the user can direct the device to mine another cryptocurrency, such as litecoin or bitcoin. Using the current price of ether as a base, Qarnot estimates their cryptocurrency heater can mine an average of $120 worth of ether per month.”

easily mine bitcoin altcoin etherium while heating up your house
This is what the heater/miner looks like.

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