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What a Difference a Day Makes


To sell..

dash chart price day 12th March going up

…or to buy?

dash weeks chart price

“Three recent headlines: DashBoost entering public beta, Dash Watch’s release, and Dash Core now legally owned by the Dash network. These three represent something much more significant than anything currently under development for Dash.”

DASH narrows the gap between offline and oinline; narrowing delays for offline-initiated transactions .

“DASH has created a unique interface with the help of which, this token can be used for off-line transactions. The vital link between in the use of any cryptocurrency is the bridge between offline and online world. Many cryptocurrencies have not found any off-line takers.

Moreover, it provides you with high security as it has over 4500 servers which are hosted all over the world. This ensures that you are able to conduct the transactions at any point in time. The transaction verification time is also on the lower side which ensures that you are able to complete the transactions quite quickly.”

Noteworthy: DASH now fully funds Truth in Media, an independent media project, allowing  a way around mainstream censorship and scaremongering.

 “While cryptocurrency enabling unrestricted media is amazing enough as it is, the real story is a decentralized autonomous organization effectively running a media outlet.”


DASH on Coinmarketcap:




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