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NEWS: Google bans ICO ads, Coinbase approved by FCA and more

Goodbye, ads of pump-and-dump ICOs!

Google is going to ban all ICO-related adverts, as well as advertisement of wallets and agencies offering investment advice. We applaud Google. Recently, the cryptocurrency market went mad; it seems that a pretty website (preferable), fake promises (necessary), a whitepaper (can be composed of random generic rewritten material from actual whitepapers), some mention of the words “decentralised”, “cryptocurrency”, “projected price by 2020”, plus some investment in advertising online = successful pump-and-dump ICO. We have saved a number of examples which we will later break down, – the situation is turning into a joke. A bad joke.


Common sense prevails.

South Korea most likely to revert its ban on ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing South Korean companies to raise funds via ICOs. Although the initial story was hyped beyond its actual significance and often misinterpreted, today’s news are nothing but good. South Korea is a significant cryptocurrency market and introducing draconian regulations could lead to… Using some loopholes, South Korean startups would prefer… North Korea.


Coinbase approved by UK’s FCA

…and becomes as “legit” as can be. For those who can afford it, buying yourself into the world of cryptocurrency trading becomes much easier (specifically for UK and EU users). Coinbase gained access to FasterPayments thanks to an agreement with Barclays (a first deal between a major UK bank and a major cryptocurrency exchange), which means that buying bitcoin using a credit or debit card becomes as easy as making an Amazon purchase.

Quoting from the Coinbase newsletter:

“We are happy to announce that Coinbase has received an e-money license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. The license will allow Coinbase to issue e-money and provide payment services across Europe. For our customers, this will ultimately help us deliver a better experience through new partnerships and an easier to use product.”

We wonder; when will we see a first reputable cryptocurrency debit or credit card? Is this another step towards making the profits from cryptocurrency faucets and exchanges as effortless?


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