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While stocks last… 100% free, ready to trade: Universal Cash (U.CASH) tokens.


U.CASH is nothing new. Appearance of U.CASH on BTC-Alpha caused somewhat of a drama within the bounty-hunter community back in the day, but the months-long story deserves a separate article. Below is a simple guide of how you can get ahold of some tradable tokens:

1. Register at U.CASH providing your real details (most importantly, – phone number).

ucash bounty free ucash

2. Complete the verification process (it consists of either receiving an automated call, or a SMS with a code). Important: unless your phone or mobile phone is confirmed, you will not receive the reward for registration.

*once your account is verified, you will notice circa 297 U.CASH tokens appear in your balance.

3. Why stop there? Under “Menu”, below “User Services”, click the “Dashboard” button. Set up 2FA for your account (to receive extra 50 tokens). If you wish, you can connect your Linkedin account (50 tokens), Twitter account (100 tokens), etc. Reportedly, the total U.CASH you can receive upon completion of all optional steps is 1000 (new bounties are hinted at).

4. Register at BTC-Alpha – a young exchange (zero-fee successful deposit of U.CASH – confirmed). Under “Profile“=>”Finances” section, scroll down to find and click on U.CASH. There, you will find your U.CASH deposit address.

selling ucash tokens

BTC-Alpha offers the following pairs:



Register at C2CX – a small Chinese exchange (successful deposit of U.CASH – unconfirmed).

selling ucash

Take note of your UCASH wallet addresses (“Deposit” buttons); although U.CASH is an ERC20 token, sending U.CASH to an Etherium address might result in loss of funds).

C2CX offers the following pairs:


(alternatively, you can always choose to store U.CASH on the currency’s web-wallet, or keep them an an ERC20-compatible Etherium wallet for future use)
5. On the U.CASH website menu, under “User Management” section, navigate to “Withdraw U.CASH“:

withdraw and sell ucash

As a new user, you will probably have to wait some time before you can withdraw U.CASH, or send U.CASH to another user. Hence, the earlier you complete all verification processes, the earlier you will be able to have full access to your funds.

6. Why not educate yourself about U.CASH while you wait for the transaction to clear?.. The U.CASH story is not over yet.

*hint: often, announcements of listings of a currency on a new exchange cause the market price to spike.


U.CASH on Coinmarketcap:

P. S.  On the 11th of February, this is what Coinmarketcap’s Gainers (24 hour) top of the chart looked like:

Biggest Gainers Coinmarketcap 12 February 2018

Proof of transfer (from U.CASH portal to a BTC-Alpha wallet):



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