Rewiew: Cointiply: A Bitcoin/Dogecoin, Part 1 (Roulette)

We are taking our time testing a number of Cointiply’s functions. A full review will most likely move Cointiply into the “must-have faucets” section (as long as a payout is complete), however, what seems to be a next-generation faucet, deserves an advance mention.

We have little-to-no doubt that such a well-developed, well-maintained and well-designed faucet letting its users earn some satoshi in their free time will dry out any time soon. The only reason why we have not yet made a withdrawal and posted proof of the transaction is that we do not have the time to boost our earnings; if we would have the time, we would fully utilise other features of the faucet we would easily have earned the minimum withdrawal threshold (35,000 to Faucethub, but we are aiming at 100,000 to an external wallet or an exchange).

A few important points to clarify before we move on:

  • Cointiply uses its own “coins” as an internal currency. Coins are correlated to USD, rather than Bitcoin at a rate of 10,000 coins = 1 USD. This is important, because the minimum withdrawal is determined by accumulated coins, rather than accumulated Satoshi.

Q: And that is important… How?

A: Your earnings are tied to fiat. You can make a better judgement as to whether you are wasting your time or not. But what is really important is that every withdrawal is, effectively, a purchase of BTC or DOGE for fiat. Ask yourself, – considering how volatile the price of Bitcoin is, would you rather purchase Bitcoin when its market price is low, or when its market price is high?.. Although the earnings can fluctuate slightly due to the fluctuating bitcoin market price, the withdrawal threshold remains the same.

  • Minimum withdrawal: 100,000 coins to a Bitcoin wallet of your choice, 35,000 to the Faucethub multicurrency wallet and 50,000 to any Dogecoin wallet or an exchange (hint: CoinExchange and Cryptopia offer a multitude of Dogecoin pairs. We keep mentioning that for a good reason).
  • Zero transaction fee. 24-48 promised transaction time; transaction immediately tracked through blockchain.
  • The Roulette is by far not the most profitable way of earning satoshi. However, other features of Cointiply (e.g. playing games for satoshi) will be reviewed at a later stage.

Cointiply’s “Roll” function is seemingly a flashier version of the same function Freebitcoin uses since 2013 and Freedogecoin, DiceMine and thousands of other faucets copy. Maybe, with a Vegas-y chime.

Cointiply roulette

…but it is not.

First of all, next to the main roulette, you will notice something like this:

What in the holy hell?

satoshi cointiply cointiplyer

The official explanation is:

“Everybody starts with a Cointipler rate of 1.5x. Your Cointiplier rate takes into account many different factors based on your activity and the rate is adjusted daily. Most members will see their Cointiplier remain close to 1.5x. Members who engage with more of our services will see their Cointiplier rise, allowing them to claim even more on our faucet! Members who only use the faucet may see their Cointiplier edge lower towards the base faucet claim.

Our Cointiplier algorithm is proprietary, but there are many ways you can increase your Cointiplier. Be a loyal user, leave our webpage open, complete offerwalls, play our great video games, and refer active users! All of these things can help boost your Cointiplier, and we’ll be adding more features to the site, too.”

Translation into human language: the income you generate for Cointiply, the higher the payout will be. Simple as that. 

Is it worth it? That is up to your discretion. Saying that, other sections of the website will boost your earning significantly, so why not. On the other hand, we really hate ads with a passion. We appreciate the fact that the faucet has to generate revenue, but the ad content is often jpump-and-dump ICOs and ponzi schemes.


In comparison to the faucets mentioned above, which keep rolling numbers lower than the minimum indefinitely (Freedogecoin rolled high recently, making us reconsider our entire Weekly Giveaway structure), Cointiply’s easily “rolls” a number which corresponds to a higher coin payout regularly. And yes, you can track your activity, including your roll results from the beginning of time.

free bitoin from cointiply earn satoshi roll function

The difference between 39 and 59 coins is not huge, but some variance is better than constantly rolling the minimum. Besides, every so often, you do roll high numbers…

satoshi free bitcoin faucet roulette high roll win

high roll on cointiply satoshi roulette

prime numbers pay an extra 55-56 coins


…and loyalty bonus is applied to every roll. Yes, if you have logged in to the faucet daily and made at least one roll a day, a loyalty bonus will keep growing. This, probably, makes Cointiply Roulette as the only hourly Bitcoin Faucet to set a timer for (exception, – promotional times, such as when Freebitcoin multiplies Reward Points for a limited time), or, at least, add it to your list of auto-opening faucets.

Your earnings are multiplied by the % equivalent to the amount of days you logged into the faucet. So, if you have been active for 23 days in a row…

cointiply loyalty bonus

Let us mot forget that, as we have previously mentioned, Cointiply’s website script makes SolveMedia captcha incredibly easy:

…and the “roll” process quite visually pleasing… …but heavier on  traffic than Freebitcoin or Freedogecoin-like roulettes.

Using the “activity” tracker, we  estimated how often you roll higher than a minimum, based on a hundred rolls:

70% rolled Minimum

12% rolled Minimum + prime number bonus

18% rolled High

WARNING: be prepared for ads. A LOT of ads. One side of the coin,  is that ads are a great source of revenue for a faucet, so your earnings are safe. The flipside of the coin is that we really hate ads! Notice how out website is ad-free (apart from those published by WordPress)? It will stay that way. 

Solution: you can make any website ad-free. We  mentioned how to get rid of ads, pop-ups and redirects in the relevant section.

Summary: a fun, novel and interesting Roulette function of a promising next-generation, legitimate faucet. A bit advantage is the internal currency and, although the minimum payout is high, an array of offers on Offerwall and other ways of earning, make Cointiply a good addition to your faucet list, in case you are looking for one. It is an “hour-based” faucet, won’t take up much of your time, so why not add it to your routine?

P. S. Further reviews of Cointiply’s sections will follow.

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