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“How to build your cryptocurrency portfolio”

There is a simple and easy Cryptocompare step-by-step guide on how to build a cryptocurrency portfolio using their platform.

Recommended for those, who already have some cryptocurrency, but do not yet have a portfolio manager.

Even if you just click through the Moon Faucets, roll for a few Doge on Freedogecoin (and get some free DOGE from us) or, say, come across some amount of free tokens/coins during the project’s airdrop phase, it is worth inputting them into a portfolio manager app. Got some free CryptoCarbon (CCRB) for registering on the platform’s website? Why not add them as something you hold (because, ehm, it is something you hold) to your portfolio?

free ccrb free token free erc20 token

*Rhetorical question: when you are adding a new item to your Cryptocompare portfolio, tone of the fields will be “buying price”. Technically, you got the token or a coin for free (if you chose to buy some coin or token for cash, you, naturally, know how much you paid), so what number do you state?..


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