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Bittle vs. CCRB: A Challenger Appears

Competition being the driver of progress…


Bitlle offers a… platform which offers cashback services and loyalty bonus exchange scheme to its members… In form of Etherium-based ERC20 tokens (for now)… And more.

Read the short version of the whitepaper.

Register now to get ahold of a BTL token and jump aboard the cashback/loyalty platform very early on.

“It is a pilot project of our platform and one of the tools used for primary allocation of tokens. As we speak, users can purchase goods and services via this project in thousands of online stores worldwide, receive fiat cashback and Bitlle tokens for loyalty. We test all development works first and foremost on this project.”


The appearance of competition is nothing but positive news. The cryptocurrency market already seems is overpopulated and artificially inflated. With almost 2000 tokens and coins in circulation, served across 150 exchanges, the market has been pushed to the degree where it becomes difficult to keep track of new sub-industries appearing, not to mention keeping track of the companies currently undergoing an ICO.

Overpopulation harms all. Google proceeds to ban open and plain ICO advertisements (the “pay us money and we will make you rich” type) to protect the consumers, however the ban (which is no more than an immune system protection of a very average consumer) will affect only new companies and only the ones too lazy to think past a flashy banner as an advertisement of their form of “revolution”. Nevertheless, the form of regulation originating in the private sector and from a company with a positive public image serves as a contributing factor to the falling price of Etherium.

Besides, how fair is the ban? Companies that did undergo some form of initial coin offering (or multiple initial coin/token sales, all depending) have laid their hands on significant budgets and have been holding onto them for months. The semi-rhetoric question is, whether the older companies have used the funds in a cost-efficient and relevant matter (to better the system, rather than to better the appearance of a system), whether they have abided by their roadmaps, or whether  they even bothered re-reading their Whitepapers after the “initial writing” was done. These companies will be put under, perhaps, a more serious form of pressure, or even a test – that, stemming from newer, “younger”, fresher and very money-hungry competitors, which, most likely (and hopefully), have learned from the mistakes of their “fore-fathers” and will not fall into the same trap of overpromising and underdelivering.

Lets take the client loyalty market as ab example, –  an exciting (and very “rich”) field, however, can it really fit ten companies offering very similar services and ten tokens ?.. Do the consumers need ten extra store loyalty cards to carry around in their wallets? Wasn’t the cryptocurrency market supposed to simplify the processes of exchange of value?

Since both CCRB and Bitlle have Emirates Airlines as their cryptocurrency cashback partner, it seems that the “big business” does not mind where the influx of potential new clients will stem from.

A much closer look is necessary to compare the pros and cons of the two platforms in detail.

If you haven’t done so, you can still register at CCRB to get ahold of 5$ (“internal value”) worth of CCRB tokens.


Reminder: CCRB rewards the participants of its ecosystem with “cashback” in form of its own cryptocurrency, instead of traditional fiat cashback. In fact, CCRB has a very vague connection to traditional cryptocurrencies. A CCRB token cannot be “mined” because it is merely a form of “e-cash”, which can be exchanged with actual cryptocurrencies, or some major and minor exchanges (LiveCoin, BTC-Alpha), at market rates. In effect, by making a “real money” purchase from one of CCRBs partner companies (e. g. the above-mentioned Emirates Airlines), a consumer can get up to 25% of the purchase value back in any cryptocurrency of his or her choice after exchanging CCRB ERC20 tokens to Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, or back to fiat. Additionally, the CCRB tokens can be used towards future purchases (that includes the “$5” you get for registration with CCRB.)

5 thoughts on “Bittle vs. CCRB: A Challenger Appears”

    1. Regarding the Whitepaper, – I am currently picking a Whitepaper to dissect for a “How Not To Write a Whitepape” article; CCRB is one of the candidates, along with one scammy ICO I found by clicking a banner on Cointiply.


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