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Tesla Mining

It is known that most “mining” companies actually “mine” users’ deposits (Ponzi scheme) and disappear, once the pyramid crumbles under its own weight (when new deposits are not enough to cover the payouts to those who made deposits earlier).

Tesla Mining offers its users 200 GH/s active hashpower for free, though. Yep, for free. Which results in…

free bitcoin mining.png

…and sounds completely unsustainable.

The FAQ section boasts:

mine bitcoin tesla mining free hashpower

…yeeeah, riiight.

At the moment, Tesla Mining houses circa 1500 users, according to its front page, which is young for a “mining” Ponzi scheme.

Time will tell whether the “free hashpower” is a simple scammer’s trick, or miracles exist.

We have registered on Tesla Mining and will post “insider” reports.

NOTE: Can’t resist the FOMO? Feel like being a part of the experiment? Feel free to sign up using our referra link, but DO NOT EXPECT ANY PAYOUTS, or ANYTHING AT ALL, apart from entertainment value. Moreover, should you wish to register, we would recommend refraining from disclosing your personal e-mail address, or any other personal details. Moreover, we DO NOT recommend investing in Tesla Mining, or similar companies, as so far, it all screams “SCAM”.

Many Ponzi Schemes pay out to their first registrants, however in the end, they all fall. 

Typical signs of scammy “cloud mining” operations (questions you need to ask):

What is mined? Where is it mined? Who are the team behind the project? Can you contact the developers?  Is the website well-designed and well-written? What does Google say? Does the business model seem sustainable?

Be careful out there.


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