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Tesla Mining – “free” Bitcoin Mining… What’s the catch?

As we have previously mentioned, we created an account with Tesla Mining, a “Bitcoin mining” company(website) which offers 200GH/s lifetime hashpower to anyone who creates an account… for free. 

DISCLAIMER: We created the account in order to find out more about “mining” companies and we are NOT advertising Tesla Mining. Moreover, we do not recommend investing in “mining” companies which advertise their services online as most of these companies are scams

Since the minimum payout is 0.0005 BTC, while monthly “base” “earnings” are 0.0006 BTC, we are extremely curious as to whether Tesla Mining will pay out, since the hypothesis is that it is merely a prime example of a ponzi scheme, its business model is based on client network expansion and it is unsustainable in the long run.

Not only Yesla Mining offers 0.0006 BTC monthly, but 7% of referral earnings, so… What is the catch?..

Well, finally, it became evident that, unless a referral makes a purchase, you will not earn anything. Voila!

Is that mentioned on the company’s website? Hell no!

tesla mining bitcoin mining cloud mining free hashpower scam
LIE!!! In truth: YOU WILL EARN NOTHING unless your referral makes a purchase.

According to “support” which, surprisingly, responded to our question (note the English of a customer support representative who works for a “UK-based” “company”):

tesla mining faq

Surprise!.. Naturally, our second question was left unanswered:

If you will see anyone advertising the opportunity of making a purchase from Tesla Mining… You get the gist.

Ergo: Tesla Mining inadvertently encourages registrants to promote its paid services and its FAQ provides misleading information. “Support” avoids answering uncomfortable questions… All signs of a scam.

To be continued.


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