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CCRB Token Sale Results – This is (not) a Joke

Before the second round of Token Sale, CCRB’s Whitepaper (sic!) was like:..

CCRB works just like Bitcoin, but removes mining for profit. CCRB is 100% pre- mined and the cryptocurrency is closely linked to cash-back and loyalty platforms.

Based on the Bitcoin protocol, CCRB will virtually eliminate mining for profit – the aspect of cryptocurrencies responsible for harming the environment, through wastage of electricity.

CCRB Whitepaper Fail.png

source (hurry, before it’s taken down)

Awww, “wastage of electricity”, awww. Anyone with half a brain saw past that statement when reading through the “Whitepaper” (we recommend having a read, – CCRB’s Whitepaper is Alice in Wonderland of cryptos).

When the second round of Token Sale was coming to an inglorious end, the official CCRB Newsletter is like:..

First up, we have the Mining CPU tool, which enables users to actively mine cryptocurrency using nothing more than their standard laptop/PC and an internet connection!

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 13.56.59

– wait… What about the ENVIRONMENT?..

Basically, the Newsletter piece saying to all CCRB holders and followers: “look to which extent we don’t give a flying f*uck, – Whitepaper? Who gives a damn?

Phantasmagoria? Identity disorder? April Fool’s? Naaah.

Token Sales Targets barely met halfway.

13 thoughts on “CCRB Token Sale Results – This is (not) a Joke”

  1. Do you have no response to my previous comment?

    You have posted a negative blog about CCRB, then when someone replies to take up some of the points you have mentioned, you just ignore the reply and leave the blog post published as is without the comment added to the site?

    This is not a good way to run a blog, with it simply containing your opinion and subjective comment, and nothing from anyone else even when they take the time to respond.

    Very poor.


  2. I cannot reply to something that doesn’t exist, dear Sir/Madame. As to “negative” and “subjective”, – these labels adequately describe your comment.

    Aside from that, I am very pleased that a Blog Police Officer has taken his or her time to enlighten me as to how I should run my blog. Here’s a list of fucks given:


    1. Oh don’t get me wrong, you can run your blog anyway you want. Up to you.

      I’m just pointing out that in my experience (which is considerable), blog readers generally don’t warm to bloggers who simply like the sound of their own voice, but don’t like to entertain anyone else’s opinions, thoughts or points of view on their blog.

      It’s pretty common knowledge amongst anyone in the know about blogging, that one of the key criteria for running a great blog is to actively encourage reader interaction, debate and comment – even if you don’t happen to agree with what the reader has taken the time to write in response to your posts.

      You are doing the opposite of this by choosing not to even publish a comment on one of your posts that offered some constructive and very healthy debate on the subject matter of your post.

      Not to mention the fact that just because I have taken the time to respond with a comment, you have resorted to the lowest common denominator of using highly offensive language towards me.

      Not very professional. Or eloquent. And certainly not what I would expect from a skilled and thoughtful blogger.


      1. Ah, now I understand what you are referring to.

        Sometimes, WordPress marks some comments as spam and does not post them, or inform me that they are posted. 90% of them are actually spam, but sometimes when I dig through the WordPress innox, I find legit comments which were filtered out by the system.

        If you indeed have commented, I will find the comment and approve jt. If I will not find the comment, that means that there was no comment to begin wjth:

        In any case, there is no pre-moderation. If anything, I encourage trolling, arguing, swearing, debating, conversing, accusing me of Demon worship; whatever. I really would not ever delete an uncomfortable comment, as long as it is relevant to OP.


  3. Plus you now seem to have done another post about CCRB, but this time removed the option for anyone to even submit a comment/response.

    This just makes it look like you’re concerned about anyone responding to your posts with any kind of comment which might in any way invalidate what you’re saying.

    Also, in fairness to CCRB, they have stated that the affiliate commissions will be paid out ‘in due course’ after the token sale completes, and it’s only been less than 4 days since the Token Sale ended.

    I mean, have you even tried to contact anyone from CCRB before writing these posts, to ask them what is happening? Or have you just written these posts based on what you think is going to happen, rather than doing any kind of appropriate research and preparation for the posts you are writing?


    1. Dear Experienced Blogger, how familiar are you with the WordPress platform? In order to allow comments, I have to “tick” a field in the post settings. Sometimes I forget to do so.

      I have reviewed the settings for the post about the referral system scam by CCRB, for your satisfaction.

      I also added some hashtags for the Twitter mirror copy of the post. I would kindly ask you to employ logic and ask, – would there be a mirror of every post on Twitter if the blog administrators not be interested in public opinion?


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