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Q&A: “How to check Coinpot balance”, future Bitcoin price, John McAfee’s private parts & more.

(this is a popular question we receive; even though the answer seems intuitive, we cannot keep ignoring it, so..)

Q: How to check Coinpot balance?

1.. Navigate to
2. Login using your email and password

OR if you picked to stay logged in

Navigate straight to to see your overall balance

OR if you are interested in a detailed statistics for your income of a specific coin, set sails for*coinname* (e. g. (for DASH), for Coinpot Tokens etc.. etc.)

The individual coin pages allow you to see at which rate your balance grew (or declined) over the past month, as well as shows you the recent transactions..

coinpot tokens history earnings

coinpot tokens rate

Also, each individual faucet lets you know the balance after each faucet claim.

Of course, if your question is “what is my balance worth in dollars/real money/etc.”, the answer will be different every day. Get yourself a cryptocurrency converter calculator and figure out for yourself (the case is slightly different with tokens, – to measure what the token is worth, you would have to try to convert the token into an individual currency and then into the currency of your choice… However, remember that the value of a token can go up and down (we explained the principle in an earlier article).

And, of course, the value of every cryptocurrency can go up and down. If the value of a Bitcoin will reach $1,000,000 by 2020 as John McAfee predicted (and promised to eat his dick if that won’t happen), looking at your balance will be more pleasant. Well, more pleasant than for John McAfee to look at himself in the mirror in any case. 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 05.37.32

john mcafee bitcoin prediction will eat his dick bitcoin 1 million(sidenote: if any of you kids don’t know who John McAfee is, Google him; he’s worth it)

Also, check out this website dedicated to predictions of Bitcoin price (where you can make your own prediction!)

bitcoin future price.png

bitcoin price in one year.png


And, of course, don’t forget to shed a tear at the “what if I have invested…” calculator:

bitcoin investment

bitcoin making millions.png


Summary: when checking your balance, think not only of the present, but of the future.

(it is specifically surprising that the best DASH faucet is often overlooked and neglected; DASH is a coin with immense potential and will surprise you one day)

However, please do remember that faucets on their own are unlikely to make you rich.Most of them won’t even make their owners rich.

We keep repeating our motto: faucets are a good INTRODUCTION to the world of cryptocurrencies. While solving that damn captcha (don’t forget our helpful tips though) or counting those satoshi, you have a lot of time to think “what next”.


Pick good wallets, or transfer the funds to exchanges (why not learn the basics of trading on where a minimum trade is like 1 DOGE? Learning new skills is great!). At the very least, if you don’t want to risk just yet, take the opportunity of depositing your satoshi at Although the annual percentage seems small, the income is passive and you can withdraw your coins at any time!

Once you worked hard for your coins, make the coins work hard for you)

Enjoy your weekend!


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