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Review at a Glance: The TRUTH behind Cointiply “Premium Account”

cointiply faucet bitcoin dogecoin premium legit or notSooo, Cointiply have come up with an offer: users are encouraged to purchase a “Premium Account”. Considering the amount of time we invested in writing about (and popularising) Cointiply, we feel that we must mention a word or two about this new feature.

cointiply premium account

First and foremost, a successful faucet must evolve and add new features. Should it stay dormant, users will get bored and disperse. Hence, Coinpot added its notorious Tokens, Freebitcoin keeps adding bits and pieces (such as spending reward points to avoid captcha altogether, – yay!), while DiceMine… …did fuck all and, ehm, went offline (we are investigating exactly what happened, – stay tuned).

However, a Premium Account is hardly the best option as a method of refreshing the faucet experience. Why? Because… Wait. Let us first break down what Cointiply is encouraging its users to purchase.

“What do you get as a premium user?

  • No popup advertisements.

Seriously? A little browser extension or two eliminates popups. For free. You can read our “helpful tips” section. We won’t even ask you to purchase a premium pass for that.

  • No hover / slide in advertisements.

Seriously? We have not seen a hover/slide in advert since 1887. Have you? If so, feel free to navigate to the Tips & Tricks section of our portal.

  • Skip up to 2 days without having your loyalty bonus reset.

We admit to have skipped about a month without having our loyalty bonus reset. Whoops!

  • Early access to new features and may the force be with you.

Dear Cointiply administration. May you sober up prior to asking people for money under the premise of a Star Wars reference.

  • Random daily coin rewards for premium users.

Proof or GTFIO. Something (perhaps, the Force) tells me that the “daily coin rewards” will surmount to 39 coins. Maybe, 58, if the Force is with us.

  • Random boost on completed offer wall earnings.

Again, numbers, please. By the way, what about users who do not do OfferWalls?

  • Premium support.

Champagne and hookers in a five star presidential suite?

  • Many more premium perks coming soon!

Winter is coming.

Now, how much does all this cost?

cointiply premium account

According to current conversion rates, a Cointiply Premoum Account costs $1.70 a month and $17 a year.

DMYF leaves it up to you to calculate how much you “earn” from Cointiply per month. Is it more than $1.70? Is it?..

Besides, be wary of the Autorenew scam.

“Not worth it” does not begin to describe our attitude to the Premium account. Half the features are useless, the other half can be set up for free.

What does Cointiply expect?

Well, it expects to keep the funds in the system and to avoid payouts. A lot of users could afford the Premium when it just came out, – some may have bought it.

Is it a sign that Cointiply is low on funds? We hope not. A faucet’s main source of income is adverts and, considering how many users adblock the adverts, Cointiply is not exactly a multibillion corporation, but still should afford to pay out a few dollars to its loyal users.

We have praised Cointiply for its novel design when it just hit the market. We went as far as almost calling it a Faucet 2.0. And yes, a Faucet can make money in ways which do not include adverts or mining… …but that requires some expertise and ingenuity. A “Premium Account” features nether, so should you be encouraged to purchase it in a forceful manner, please do remind the salespeople that “fuck off” is… -> that way.


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