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Tesla Mining – Legit or Scam?

Dear All,

As predicted, Tesla Mining turned out to be a 100% scam.

When trying to open the Tesla Mining website, we get:

tesla mining scam bitcoin free hashpower scam

We have warned our readers previously and we mentioned numerously that “bitcoin mining” websites which encourage you to “invest” in mining, promising 100000% returns are typical Ponzi schemes.

If, by any chance, any of you have spent your Bitcoin or fiat currency on those websites, we hope you will not be fooled again.

Please remember, – if something smells like **** and looks like ****, it is most likely CCRB (jk) ****.

Read more about our brief investigation:

Tesla Mining

Tesla Mining – “free” Bitcoin Mining… What’s the catch?

Q: Are there reliable ways to multiply your Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency)?

A: So far, the only service which has a history of payouts and has not been accused of scamming or stealing users’ investments is FreeBitcoin’s “saving” scheme.

Starting with a minimum deposit of 30000 Satoshi, a user will earn daily interest (4.08% p. a.). Anyone can invest their Bitcoin at any time, withdraw the Bitcoin at any time and watch the investment grow daily. FreeBitcoin is one of the oldest Bitcoin services (established in 2013).

Please note that we do not offer investment advice. We do not claim that FreeBitcoin is a Swiss Bank. However, compared to various Tesla Minings, which appear out of nowhere and disappear into nowhere with your money, a service that’s been around for five years and which offers a modest ROI would be our personal choice.


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