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COINTIPLY website down?

Cointiply Website responds with a “certificate error” when you try opening it. Is Cointiply down?

cointiply down cointiply legit cointiply scamBrave Browser:

cointiply scam

coinriply minimum payout

So we said “Hey! What’s going on!”

Opera allows us to “continue anyway”, which lets us open Cointiply.

Ergo, Cointiply is not down. According to the “News” section…

cointiply legit or scam
Cointiply “had problems with their SSL certificates”. Whether you want to trust them or not is up to you. We do not trust anyone by definition. A SSL problem is fixable in a matter of days at most. A “technical issues” excuse is a century-old trick that online businesses use to avoid paying you.

Q: Is Cointiply legist or is Cointiply a scam?

A: So far nothing indicated Cointiply being a scam. However, a security error which scares visitors away and which appeared around the time when people have reached their payout thresholds…


We do not think Cointiply is cashing out and shutting down, but the certificate error is a warning bell. We clearly remember what was happening with CCRB website when the time to pay their customers (they never did, of course) came, – at one point, their “portal” was reduced to one (!) page which screamed “buy our tokens!”.

Q: Can Cointiply just “disappear”? 

A: Hell yes. Tesla Mining even had a registered company address on their website (buying a mailbox for business purposes costs almost nothing in the UK, – NEVER be fooled by a “London address”). Then Tesla Mining just disappeared, going on a summer holiday along with your “investments”. Do you know where Cointiply is based? (we do) When we asked Cointiply a simple “where are you based” question, they have given us a rubbish “anonymity” answer.

We are not saying that the faucet will disappear. What we are saying is that a persistent security issue is not a good sign.

P. S. We have contacted Cointiply asking for some clarity in the matter. We will keep you posted. For now, do not purchase their premium account and consider reaching for a withdrawal. Do not give up and do not let a faucet win, – always make them pay you for your time.. At least once.


5 thoughts on “COINTIPLY website down?”

  1. For the record, the issue was actually fixed within a few hours and the staff communicated in the chat the entire time. There is also a status page where you can follow status updates: https://status.cointiply.com

    Also saying that people just reached cash out thresholds is ridiculous, people have been caching out for months. An expired SSL cert does not prevent them from doing so either, all they need to do is add an exception…like you did in your article.

    See https://netbusinessrating.com/en/review-26142-cointiply

    Cointiply User


  2. For the record, as demonstrated above, if one uses Safari, or Brave, he/she is not even able to access Cointiply, let alone reach the chat or the status page. Besides, no offence to Cointiply, a faucet should do what it is designed for, not for chatting with administration.

    Regarding the payout threshold, – considering Cointiply’s age (we have registered on Cointiply within weeks of its opening and reviewed it shortly after), statistically, now is the time a large bulk of users are reaching their minimum cash out amounts. No doubt, a percentage of users have been successfully cashing out, however a larger percentage still have not.

    An expired SSL: prevents users from accessing the website. Full stop.

    Do you like visiting websites which your browsers warn you not to? Have a look at the screenshots above.

    Moreover, fixing an expired SSL is as difficult as screwing in a lightbulb.

    A high NetBusiness rating is great. However, we have see it drop from hero to zero when businesses turn out to be scams.

    Saying that, we have praised and promoted Cointiply from day one. For free. So there’s no reason to think that we are trashing the faucet.

    Chief Editor, DMYF


    1. The status page has a separate SSL certificate if you look, so yes, they can reach it.

      My point was this was a simple mistake with anautomated system caused the issue and the admins fixed as soon as they were aware of it.

      I’m as skeptical as you when it comes to crypto sites and I’ve had my fair share of run ins with scams but I’ll defend Cointiply as I have seen first hand how much effort they put in to keeping their users happy.


      1. Cointiply having a Status Page which is reachable even when the faucet is not is great (no sarcasm here).

        The Status Page reporting that “All Systems Are Operational” when *so* not all systems are operational is not that great. We have not been able to access cointiply.com for about a day (we hope others were more lucky).

        Look, unless Cointiply is under a serious DDoS attack, or unless a Third World War is erupting, there should be no website downtime. There is simply no excuse for it. The statement might sound radical, but think of it this way, – the economics behind a cryptocurrency faucet are not very different behind the economics upon which the banking industry is built.

        For every minute someone else apart from yourself is in charge of your funds (for whatever reason), you are losing money and someone else is making money, full stop. A faucet user makes a fraction of nothing, compared to what a faucet owner makes, full stop.

        We welcomed Cointiply with enthusiasm initially and we still regard it highly. However, we are also responsible for our image and for providing our readers with information which will help guard them against scams. We would also be happy to defend Cointiply, should we have concrete evidence of their goodwill. So far we don’t.

        Chief Editor, DMYF


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