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TOP 3 “wtf” SwiftDemand listings

  1. Defence against the Dark Arts

swiftdemand what can i buy best items on swiftdemand
For only 50 Swifts Trevor offers to provide you with protection against the Dark Arts. We are not entirely sure what are Dark Arts, but we will definitely consider spending 50 Swifts before our next visit to Tate Modern to protect us against Bad Arts.

2. Nice Cat
swiftdemand purchase

Andres, if the cat is nice, why are you selling it? Ot is it a case of “it’s not you it’s me…” “you are just too nice…”?
(o our disappointment, we learned from the description that the cat itself is not for sale)

3. An ancient Dutch “butter”cake recipe
We don’t know Sander’s grandma’s recipe, but the last Dutch cakes we had definitely sent us to the moon!

Did you know that…

– You get 100 Swifts (!) for completing the registration process  on SwiftDemand. For free. And  a further 100 Swifts the next day. And the day after.
– Amongst Nice Cats and Defences against Dark Arts, there are amazing items for sale in the SwiftDemand shop. We recommend you browse through pages of great listings.
– Anyone can apply to sell goods/services on SwiftDemand.
– The earlier you start collecting your Swifts, the quicker you will save up to buy something of real value, like jewellery, computer parts or valuable e-books.
– Your Swifts accumulate for Seven (7) days. Which means, logging into SwiftDemand once a week will guarantee your income of 700 Swifts.

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