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Cointiply: Back in Business, Armed with New Features.


We issue a formal apology to Cointiply, – the Bitcoin/Dogecoin Faucet did experience technical difficulties, which were partly due to the introduction of new features. In addition, Cointiply did react very strangely to VPN configurations and did respond with ominous messages, depending on the browser used.


Admittedly, following DiceMine’s unexpected disappearance (along with our XMR faucet earnings, naturally), we were wary of any changes to the usual operation of faucets.

PREVIOUSLY ON:  DiceMine is dead, baby. DiceMine’s dead.

For future reference: Cointiply’s website status can be monitored on a relevant section of their portal.

As for the new features (Chat, Mining Game), – as always, the North DMYF remembers; we review every section of every resource mentioned by us. In our eyes, quality > quantity; although we could spam our readers with lists such as “100 New Faucets 2018 Guaranteed Payout” (incl. referral links, of course), we focus only on the ones, which are not as likely to sink as 99% of them. 

Whenever we are fooled, along with our readers and scammed by dishonest individuals, stealing ours and our readers’ time, our reputation, our efforts and, perhaps, even someone’s investments, “righteous anger” is what we feel.

Therefore, despite the fact that the “Mining Game” required reinvestment of the funds earned by faucet’s users (=instead of funds reaching users’ external wallets), we are happy that Cointiply is still with us and, along with trinkets, such as “Premium Account” do offer their users a variety of ways to earn internal currency which, currently, can be converted to Bitcoin or Dogecoin at a good exchange rate.

Register on Cointiply.

Cointiply on NetBusinessRating (4.8*)



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