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Is MoonDoge Faucet Down? Is Moondogeco.in Bugged? Broken?.. Is It Changing Address?..


A Guide to Solving the Three-Dot Bug

MoonDogeco.in is one of the best Moon faucets for many reasons and its health is important to the overall Coinpot profitability.

It is working fine, acting healthy and paying out tons of Dogecoin (+3 Coinpot Tokens) every five minutes as usual.

Q: Why can’t I make a claim…
A: Simple answer: Scripts. 

In case, when opening the faucet you see something like this:

free doge every 5 minutes
(the dots keep flashing with nothing going on)

This means Moondoge fell out with your browser’s AdBlock, or settings. Disable the AdBlock…


…and you will be again able to make a claim. 

(then you can switch the AdBlock back on)

Problem solved. 

Different Coinpot.co mictowallet faucets have different tolerance level to different AdBlockss/VPNs. Sometimes, the scripts are updated, – that leads to temporary bugs.

Note: Naturally, MoonBit.co.in is most hostile towards AdBlocks. BitFun and MoonDash are the most AdBlock friendly. Other faucets have no Ads at all.

We have an allergy against ads, so we are used to clean screens (like the first picture). Screens full of ads give us a headache.

We will soon dedicate a series of articles on how to forget about ads altogether. Many of them direct users to scammy websites, all of them slow down your device and, at times, are an easy way to catch some malware.

Stay toned!


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