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A Bitcoin faucet with no captcha. Finally.


Reporting these news centuries late, Freebitco.in is, most probably, the first Bitcoin (or any cryptocurrency) faucet out there which offers the option of removing captcha completely.

no captcha faucet no captcha
Click me!

Alas, at a cost:

1 Reward Point buys you one Captcha-free Roll.

2 Reward Points buy you the next Captcha-free Roll.
3 Reward Points buy you the next Captcha-free Roll.
4 Reward Points… you get the point.

The cost does “reset” every 24 hours, so, technically, for many casual Freebitco.in users, or users such as ourselves, who use Freebitco.in as one of the indicators of market health + an instant-access Bitcoin savings account, it’s “goodbye, Captcha”.

How sick and tired are you of “picking cars from the images”… clicking “verify”… and then “selecting images with hills”… watching the images fade away… only for new fucking hills to appear!!! (rage rage rage).

Well, then again, the Freebitco.in Reward Points are more valuable than gold.

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So for those who are saving up for a gadget, or just boosting the roll yields, every Reward Point counts. Besides, they aren’t that bad lately… Are they?..

In any case, kudos to Freebitco.in; the innovation is welcome. We hope others will follow suit.

We also hope you have followed our mini how-to guide and registered on FBC using our Referral Link: let the free satoshi flow into your accounts as the giveaway commences!


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