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“Coinpot Token: Price, Value, Worth” Series: Today’s Coinpot Token Price. Bonus: A Withdrawing Coinpot Token Guide.

We continue examining Coinpot Token‘s price, value, worth, comparing the fluctuations of exchange rates and, hopefully, getting our readers closer to realising that Coinpot Token alone can shine like a diamond (diamonds don’t shine; they reflect) is a powerful earning mechanism…  (let’s not get ahead of ourselves) nice little bonus.

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Should you wish to boost your Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, DASH or Litecoin balances by converting Coinpot Tokens into the desired currency right now, or should you wish to withdraw Coinpot Tokens to an external walletexchanging them for something less tied to a single resource… If you’d like to convert Coinpot Tokens to fiat (USD, EUR, GBP or any other fiat currency,) today’s internal exchange rates are:

Today’s Coinpot Token Value: Bitcoin Cash

Converting Bitcoin Cash to Coinpot Tokens

Today’s Coinpot Token Price in Bitcoin

Right Now 100 Coinpot Tokens are worth 0.00000153 BTC

Measuring Current Coinpot Token Price in Dogecoin

On an internal exchange, 100 Coinpot Tokens are worth 4,447720806 Dogecoin

Today’s Coinpot Token Value: DASH

Selling 100 Coinpot Tokens? Internal Price in DASH: 0.00006432

Today’s Coinpot Token Value: Litecoin

0.00017128 is the Current Price Coinpot Values 100 Tokens in Litecoin

*NOTE: Literally, while screenshotting and writing this piece, the exchange rate of Dogecoin changed.

Exchange rates can and will fluctuate on a daily basis. Often, multiple times. 

Notice how we did not add historical data to compare this moment’s exchange rates to previous exchange rates as we did in previous articles? This does not mean you don’t have to, should you be making a decision.

All relevant data can easily be found in previous posts.

We simply believe the discrepancy between the price of 100 Tokens in, say, Dogecoin, can encourage

This time, we will add some more boring numbers vital information. One must consider when estimating the price of a Coinpot Token.

Current Bitcoin price in USD: $6,420.09 
Current Bitcoin Cash price in USD: $557.19 
Current DASH price in USD: $152.40
Current Litecoin price in USD: $57.21
Current Dogecoin price in USD: $0.002374


All the above-mentioned cryptos’ prices fell from 1%+ to 7% in the last 24 hours.

(which is not unusual for a Sunday)

— FOOD FOR THOUGHT (not to be interpreted as “this is what you do…”) —

Why has DASH fallen 7% against USD and BTC fell only 1-ish%? It is really a rookie question, but if you do not know the answer… Research, research, research. You can also ask us to direct you to the right news sources and to answer any questions you may have. If we can, we will!

Did you know that you can use the Contact Us Form for any purpose relating to the interaction between yourselves and us? Often, people feel ashamed to not know something and admit it publicly.
There is no shame in not knowing something. There is shame in not wanting to know.
– If you prefer to ask something tete-a-tete, you are welcome! Despite how busy we are, we will respond and we will never ridicule you or break the rules of confidentiality. 

Now, those who think a 7% fall against USD is too steep for DASH  (whether it is orr not, is irrelevant) might want to run to Changelly to buy some DASH with a credit card. Or some other coin/altcoin/token. If you see an opportunity that is too good to be true and have access to fiat funds, Changelly is the quickest way of taking advantage of it, as registration takes a second and no deposit is needed when making a transaction. 

0.50% flat commission, immediate wallet-to-wallet exchange...
0.50% flat commission, immediate wallet-to-wallet exchange…

Others might consider spending their Coinpot Token balance instead of fiat.

By far, not everyone thinks of the value of cryptocurrencies in fiat terms, therefore, we, at DMYF, will first of all look at the BTC-DASH trade pair.

Some might abandon the MoonDash faucet, or set it as “low priority”. Others might remember the golden rule “low fiat price = higher faucet payouts” (some faucets follow the rule meticulously; others react slower).

IMPORTANT: Remember: the USD price of DASH today and USD price of DASH tomorrow might easily increase by 100% as a result of some press release. We predicted this happening with many cryptocurrencies earlier: fauceting during downtimes pays off more often than it doesn’t. Besides, don’t forget the 3 guaranteed Tokens… 

(if you are a faucet user) Do not remove MoonDash, or any of the five main currencies out of your faucet circulation no matter what. Even if for a visit or two a day. Most importantly, though, under no circumstance forget BitFun and BonusBitcoin.

And, in the name of all that is true and holy in this world, register a account for every family member using every available device (using our referral link if you want us to send you free satoshi) and visit, visit, visit… Forget about how little BTC is earned hourly. We are preparing a detailed review of FBC where a lot will be explained. For now, just trust us.

P. S. We hope by now, everyone knows how to quickly withdraw Coinpot Tokens literally anywhere from Just in case…

   Transferring Coinpot Tokens to an External Wallet: (a short, non-illustrated) Guide… 

1. Pick the best exchange rate.
2. Pick the lowest minimum amount for withdrawal of a currency (if you are low on tokens).
3. Make sure you are considering all fees and minimum deposits/maximum withdrawal \amounts you will encounter: Coinpot does not charge withdrawal fees; others do. They vary currency to currency and exchange to exchange.

READ MORE: SURPRISE! This is why Dogecoin is so popular! General Knowledge: DOGECOIN

And yes, consider factors such as speed of transaction too!

READ MORE: Lightning-fast DASH withdrawal to Binance trading wallet

4. Go through the process of entering your password and confirming the transfer by clicking Coinpot’s security email link…
5. Wait… Wait… Wait for it… Voila!!!

Q: Can I send coins, tokens, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Satoshi, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Litecoin etc. etc. etc. from or from a faucet like or to an exchange (i.e. CoinExchange or Changelly)? 
A: Yes. Very broadly, a wallet is a wallet. It can be hardware, software, online, offline, piece of paper, app on your phone. The differences are degrees of access to your wallet and security. Normally, an exchange generates a Deposit Address, – that is your “wallet” for that service, or even a single transaction. Now you are free to send your 5 hard-earned Dogecoin to practice “trading”. 🙂 

(Note: we avoid going into detail and defining “private keys”, pitching hardware vs. software, etc. as we are talking about sending 5 Dogecoin to to spend on some altcoins for fun; not about storing 1500 BTC)

…to be continued.



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