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Important News (DMYF)

Dear Readers,

We have decided that there should be segregation between internal and external newsflash posts (understandably, most of you are here for external news; thus, reading about what our plans are for, say, September, is not what you are after).

We decided against a “sticky” “News” section on the front page. We are not that important.

Our faithful readers and followers will be able to read the chronicles of our News section on the right-hand-side sidebar (under the “all about DMYF” heading.
DMYFThat is, until we save up or find staff for redesigning DMYF… the present layout is horrid and migrating to CryptoInvest  (DMYF v. 0.2) is a tedious and time-consuming process.

Example of Internal News piece: Status of our “Dogecoin/Bitcoin giveaway
Example of External News piece: “Price of a Coinpot Token on…”

Q: Isn’t writing about yourself narcissistic? You speak of yourself as if you are something special…
A: DMYF is an up-and-coming cryptocurrency-related outlet with rapidly growing readership, editorial ambition, targets and a small, yer, noticeable degree of media influence.

At a right point in time we adamantly denied all offers to write positive reviews for “tokens of appreciation”, – at first, those who contacted us believed they held such moral high ground that even their “attention” would have been enough to mesmerise us. Then we were offered monetary rewards. Sometimes, when we wrote the truth, we were accused of bad manners and self-interest.

We make mistakes, we err, we do not have the resources to cover everything we wish to cover.

However, we kept our integrity intact.

Long-long time ago, integrity was a prerequisite of quality journalism.



P. S. Under “ALL ABOUT DMYF” you can read:

About us

About how we share free cryptocurrency with you

About our latest vacancies (incl. freelance jobs)

How you can help us

How you can easily contact us regarding any subject


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