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Cointiply Mining Game Review & An (honest) Conceptual Guide: A Prequel.


A Prequel to a Prequel:

Key points: Cointiply’s Mining Game is advertised as a way of earning “passive income”. The figures mentioned are up to 14k Satoshi a day. There’s a catch: the game requires investment; want to succeed? Invest back into Cointiply, not into your Bitcoin wallet. Many won’t have the patience/time/funds.

On a good note, Cointiply “revolutionised” a single faucet system by adding a chat, – making fauceting social. Which can be addictive. Or it can help you learn from others.

The game encourages users to fully explore the faucet’s earning potential; that will cost the users time. A lot of time. And will generate Cointiply a hefty income. If imbalanced, the Mining Game can be a trick to discourage users’ earnings transfers.

If balanced… If…

Introduction: Know Your Enemy Faucet


FreeBitco.in has been around since 2013. FreeDoge is FBC’s sister site. Coinpot.co runs for four years. While Cointiply‘s reliability and trustworthiness have yet to prove themselves. Cointiply and Don’t Miss Your Flight are roughly… The same age.

Maybe because of that, we like Cointiply. We like the design, we like the fact that, compared to other faucets, a visit to the dark-themed webpage feels refreshing. There are features of Cointiply which are convenient. There are tricks which we learned to love. The roulette does often roll high.

We admit that, while Moon Faucets require a lot of calculation, research, risk and some imagination to attain a significant income, Cointiply requires little to no brainwork to provide a decent-enough profit to its user (for a faucet).

NOTE: What do you consider “good faucet income” (all faucets you use in total)? We would recommend setting a 10000 Satoshi a day minimum (with 0 referrals) mark. If you are earning less than that… Subscribe to DMYF, read previous articles and trust us, – “less” means “more”. 

A savvy Coinpot user can earn ten times the amount a Cointiply user can, but don’t forget, – Cointiply is one faucet and has a competitive advantage, – a user de-facto earns fiat, rather than cryptocurrency, – HODL your earnings withdrawal, avoid withdrawing through Faucethub, until BTC or DOGE is X USD; when BTC price doubles.. On the flipside, – all is well when BTC and DOGE are cheap (yes, even DOGE’s fiat price can rise with the market); should their fiat price rise before you make a withdrawal and remain steadily high, you will regret neglecting BitFun, MoonBit.co.in and BonusBitcoin in favour of Cointiply. But, hey, it’s all in the game

Cointiply does make an impression of trying to “innovate”. The “trying” part is good enough for us; we do not blame Cointiply for making mistakes (we are talking business strategy, not high-school grammar), or directing efforts somewhere diametrically opposite to “right”, “economically viable”, or overseeing the obvious ways of introducing features which would profit both the user and the company (equitable exchange). We even forgive Cointiply for strange decision-making; we genuinely hope the faucet’s intentions are good and just a little misunderstood it will not go bust.

We blame most of Cointiply team’s errors on inexperience, however we cannot possibly agree with a number of indisputable facts:

We disprove of its association with Faucethub because it does little but harm the user. 

We regret the fact that Cointiply agrees to advertise obvious scams, indirectly associating itself with companies that rob consumers. 

We find some decisions unworthy of a quality service-provider. 

Most of all, we cannot possibly endorse “white lies” which border with misinformation in faucet-user interaction. A user should have a clear idea of how much he will earn by dedicating his time to a faucet. The “earnings” are minuscule as they are. Faucet users deserve rewards. Faucet users do not deserve losses. 

Cointiply’s Mining Game: A Conceptual Prequel to a Review

cointiply mining game review strategy how to earn best strategy
If our readers would see our to-do list, they would realise that reviewing Cointiply’s “Mining Game” is, um, a task for future generations. However, “due to popular demand”, we will borrow time from some time bank or something.

This is a prequel, so do not expect great detail. Keep in mind, though, that, sometimes, first pages of a book can indicate whether a book is worth reading at all.

Cointiply introduced its Mining Game a while back. Let’s be politically correct (for now) and define the game as “a fun feature”.

Excuse our cynical approach, but we will describe the premise/synopsis of the “game” part as bla-bla-bla, planet bla-bla-bla, save the human race, go go go”. And we will outline the “gameplay” part as check in, spend coins, make sure to check in, complete task, chat, spend coins, read about new features”.

On a more serious note, let us not forget that the “new fun feature” is a game. In any game, you can win and you can lose.

The 90% rule dictates that 90% of those playing Cointiply’s mining game will lose. Some will make some purchases, then drop it. Some may not figure out the how-to. Some might get addicted. Some might have IRL happening and lose progress.

The game is not free-to-play, unlike other Cointiply games. Actions cost coins. Yep, those coins you earned rolling the roulette, completing tasks, watching videos, etc.

In very basic terms: every user has access to a “mine”, which can be improved/upgraded by purchasing buildings, upgrading buildings, etc. Since the “mine” needs “maintenance”, its “efficiency” falls as time passes. At 0% efficiency, no matter how many coins you spent on improvements (with an exception or two), your mine will produce a subtotal passive income of “fuck all’. You can have 2000 MP, but the mine will produce nothing, should the efficiency multiplier remain at 0.

cointiply mining game strategy guide how to earn
0% efficiency = no income.

At 200% efficiency, it will generate some coins. Good luck maintaining those 200%. Unless you (surprise!) spend whatever to buy whatever…

“Efficiency” can be boosted for free (completing normal Cointiply tasks… Offer Walls to the rescue!). Alas, the free ways of boosting efficiency are slowly being replaced by not-so-free-ways of boosting efficiency.

Get the point?

With an added chatroom, the mining game IS fun. Please note that, all of a sudden, instead of withdrawing your earnings, a user might end up buying that extra upgrade for that extra building (set of pixels)… And there go the “earnings” from the past day of roulette rolls.

Q” Wait… You said “guide”? 
A: A “Conceptual” Guide. 

Before even clicking the “mining game” button, ask yourself, – are you visiting Cointiply to earn cryptocurrency, or to earn cryptocurrency to spend it within Cointiply?

Should you wish to try your luck at the Mining Game, try to do some maths and, perhaps, search for a “winning strategy”. Consider the fact that the game requires regular check-ins. Can you guarantee that you will be able to log in to the faucet every so-often? The Mining Game is time-consuming. How much is your time worth?

Remember: Cointiply is “beta”. Rules can change. Investments can become obsolete. You might have to learn a whole lot of new information. 

Should you have opened the game already… Create a spreadsheet with two columns: Coins spent on Mining Game and Coins Gained from Mining Game. Just input the figures and make your own decisions. 

Ignore the FAQ section and the Instructions section on the “Mining Game” page. Those have either been written by, say, those lacking in the skill of written communication, or intentionally made so incomprehensible…If you have to, ask questions in the chat room.

Besides, remember: there’s Google. And DMYF. 🙂

Q: Why the negative tone?!
A: Absolutely nothing personal. Should the “Mining Game” be (or become) a mutually beneficial feature for both the user and the faucet, the tone would be positive. Thus far, we hold to our stance described earlier: 

Faucets are not interested in you withdrawing funds from their system.

Can you blame them? When they hold your currencies (imagine the total amounts?), they can invest the funds, safely accumulate interest, profit from playing on exchange rates, etc. Same as banks. Or insurance companies. Welcome to the real world.

While all you can do is stare at the balance on a webpage. 

You could be accumulating interest (Freebitco.in offers a 4.08% annual interest paid daily on a minimum investment of 30000 satoshi), investing cryptocurrencies (danger, danger, danger!) and, i. e. purchasing altcoins, hoping for the next “To The Moon”. Or just safeguarding them in a proper wallet.

This is merely a prequel to a Guide. Who knows, perhaps our first impressions were wrong? We are professional enough to apologise when we provide erroneous information to our readers. 

Q: Are there any “pros”?!
A: Of course! Do not get us wrong! The Mining Game is a fun way to pass your time! Especially, if you strike gold and like reading a ton of information! And a great way for Cointiply to make sure their users are completing tasks, watching videos and maybe even clicking on ads!

In addition, you interact with other Cointiply users, learn from each other, have fun. Cointiply have added a social aspect to fauceting. Bravo! 

As well as that, the game encourages you to use other profitable ways of earning coins on Cointiply, – Offer Walls (note: Offer Walls yield the greatest rewards, yet, unless you know what you are doing, – the knowhow of OfferWalls, you are selling your personal information and privacy… wasn’t this whole thing about kinda… privacy?), etc. Which you might have previously neglected, or forgot about. As an example…


Did you know that you can watch videos for coins on Cointiply? You probably did. If not…

1. Navigate to “Videos” in the main menu.

cointiply mining game how good earnings

2. Click on “Ascend Media”

earn more coins cointiply earn most coins
“Only some countries”? You know what to do, right?

3. Whoa! Unlimited Cointiply Coins!

4. Pick your “channel”… or?..

Smores.tv pays 51 coins per 3 ads watched… Not worth it? Well, how do we earn even more coins?

Cointiply Video Trick

Videos can be watched in background. That is, you can do whatever it is you are doing and still earn coins. Just make sure the video is playing in a separate browser window, not a separate browser tab.
You can “watch” up to 4 videos simultaneously…  In four different browser windows. The system can check whether you are actually watching, but quite rarely. To stay on the safe side, you can stick to three windows… But four are tried and tested.

how much can you earn cointiply
– Checking on videos (alt-tabbing through the windows) every so often helps..
– Going afk? Start “watching”. Before the system pauses all videos, your balance will grow…

…and you are a couple steps closer to the payout. Or to spending coins on purchasing an upgrade for a building in a Mining Game, which is rendered useless if your “efficiency” is below par?..

IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING A SAFE, SECURE BROWSER WITH “ANTI-MINING” OPTION ON IN THE BROWSER’S SETTINGS. Your device overheating? Fan working loudly? System running slower? Yes, catching a “mining bot” virus is a thing. And faucets using your PC as a mining tool is also, unfortunately, a thing. Ergo, stay with the tried and tested.

A faucet software guide will be published soon.

For now, “to minegame or not to minegame” is a question you will have to answer yourself.

…to be continued.


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