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qoinpro scam or legit when is qoinpro back online is qoinpro a scam when qoinpro maintainance

After months and months of maintenance… Unfulfilled promises… Of switching deadlines… Of almost whole cryptocurrency community assuming that QoinPro is a dead scam, a wallet which ran away with its users money and will never come back…

When we already deleted the relevant section from our “Classic Faucets” page… And were contemplating writing a “Goodnight, Sweet Prince” article…


A completely new layout, new features, new, new, new.

Thank you for not betraying our trust, QoinPro

For all those, who held an account with the multicryptocurrency wallet/faucet, log in to check your balances.

For all those unfamiliar with QoinPro, hurry up and register on the world’s easiest faucet which tips you with 11 (!) cryptocurrencies daily. Without any action on your part.

Register Now!


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