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FAQ + Q&A: New DMYF Page

At times, a shortened-down answer to a question is what a visitor is looking for. The questions/queries we get are very “seasonal” (we can get 1/2 questions about the same topic for weeks straight). Besides, every “Contact Us” form always has that bureaucratic feel about it, while commenting is post-specific.

DMYF FAQ+Q&A page is designed to be as dynamic and up-to-date as possible; so while for now it is being graduallt populated with existing Q&As, we’d love to know how we can provide the kind of information that interests you today. 

Whether you disagree with anything in our (hypothetical) yesterday’s review, or would like a statement clarified, or even a word defined. Or you were looking for an unbiased review of a service….What made you visit this website today and read past the make me unsee this complimentary theme design and layout?..

Have you ever encountered websites‘ “frozen” FAQ sections which leave you no choice but to contact Support, in search for an answer to, what seemss to be, the most simple question? And Support just copy-pastes the same FAQ? Or, when the “Help” page makes you write an essay because your question seems to not have been asked frequently enough?.. Or when the FAQ authors make it seem like “well, that part of the answer like everybody knows; it’s 2018, hello?” and there is no need to define something which, all of a sudden, became “general knowledge”?

DMYF’s FAQ + Q&A section will be the opposite of that. Especially, with your feedback and comments. We will answer every question, starting from ‘what is Bitcoin” and as personal as “how many referrals we have”.

P. S. Everything on DMYF will be visually remastered and contextually restructured, hopefully sooner, rather than later, depending on when we acquire the necessary human and financial resources. You can always use the Contact Us page to get in touch, however the Q&A section will have contact options of its own soon. In the meantime, always feel free to email us at












































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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