DMYF, Faucets, Giveaway Giveaway – Free Satoshi From Us to You

Those that joined our Bitcoin giveaway were probably wondering, why they have not yet received any freebies. The answer is simple, – we were waiting for more to join in and publish a detailed guide.

The nature of the giveaway will be explained in detail in near future, however, since we felt it is unfair to keep those, who already joined, waiting…

free satoshi right away
Plain and Simple.

Could be more, could be less, but the amount of free satoshi will only grow!

Stay tuned!

Thank you for joining!

For those, who have not yet joined the giveaway, we recommend doing so. It’s simple, – register an account on using our referral link. It takes seconds and costs you nothing.

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Classic Faucets

Free Dogecoin from Us to You.




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