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SwiftDemand – WTF is Going On, – Exempts From a Letter

To keep things short, – though we always favourably viewed and reviewed SwiftDemand, their “conformation” requirements got us… Thinking.

Since we could not possibly keep quiet about…


Just so our position would be clear, let us post a few exempts from our Support Ticket:

what is swiftdemand swiftdemand worth
swiftdemand how much worth value price
swiftdemand ico

…and a total “wtf is going on” response from “support”:

swiftdemand faq
…by making them worse?!..

We do not agree with loss of privacy, identity confirmations and total rubbish of the sort and never will

Hopefully, tbc.


SwiftDemand and the first Token Sale: Review.

TOP 3 “wtf” SwiftDemand listings


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