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Ode to Dogecoin

Upon our first visit to today, we noticed that the minimum roll win amount has dropped down to 0.17 (it was at 0.21 Dogecoin per hour minimum just a few days ago) DOGE.

(Quiz – ask yourself – What does this indicate?)

Despite the fact that Freedoge‘s minimum earnings withdrawal amount is ridiculously low (you can withdraw your balance above 5 DOGE), despite the fact that it is advert-free and is as trustworthy as a Swiss Bank (within the crypto universe, of course), a one-per-hour roll is, most-likely, what scares users off Freedoge in pursuit for “claim as often as…” Moondoge, or flashy, action-packed, “almost-unlimited-potential-to-earn-and-spendCointiply when searching for best Doge faucets.

However, we recommended, recommend and will keep recommending the two classic sister faucets for those, who are interested in the bigger market picture as cryptocurrencies go. While Cointiply exists somewhere in informational vacuum and its administration seems oblivious as to what is cryptocurrency and Moondoge is a part of a complex multi-faucet web, Freedoge is what it is, however whatever it is, it almost represents the “nerve” of change.

dogecoin historical price
Source – Coingecko

What does a hypothetical increase of the price of Dogecoin imply and correlate with in the market, considering the nature of the currency?. We will leave it a rhetorical question and just remind our readers that, as you will one day outgrow faucets, faucets sometimes outgrow being just faucets.

Random Cointiply Hint – those users, who utilise the strong points of the system and who withdraw their earnings in Dogecoin, – if you have “bought” some Doge with your Cointiply coins somewhere mid-month, – congratulations! Isn’t the picture below just a pleasure to look at?..

dogecoin price
Source – Coingecko

cointiply hint, cointiply tip, cointiply guide, cointiply strategy
Cointiply withdrawal information

(why Doge? Because…

“Direct-to-wallet Bitcoin withdrawals are processed once a week. We usually make a payment run on Sunday, but it can be as early as Saturday or as late as Monday, depending on the week. – no. Just no.

DOGE and FaucetHub withdrawals are processed within 24 – 72 hours. Once they have been sent they will usually only take a few minutes before they reach your account.”

Cointiply, kindly enough, offers a reasonable way to withdraw your earnings, – though you will have to wait a bit longer, a Doge withdrawal lets you:

– …avoid Faucethub! Yay!
– …have almost instantaneous access to your funds once they are sent (Doge
transfers are quick)
– …faster access to funds = more options to take advantage of the present market situation, rather than be passively hit by it
– …Dogecoin liquidity is great; Dogecoin is traded on virtually all exchanges, while the transaction fees are miniscule (warning! – trading is a high-risk activity that might result in a loss of investment).

… wait, how about those Coinpot Tokens?

Naturally, the price of the Coinpot Token in Dogecoin terms has dropped.


And those, who have sold their Coinpot Tokens when they were traded at 100 = 4+ Doge, now can… MULTIPLY their Coinpot Tokens by purchasing some for Doge! (NOTE; this is a joke)

Coinpot Token price today

Welcome to FOREX+speculation+wild trading, CT-style! If we dream of a world where 100 Coinpot Tokens could purchase the same amount of Satoshi they did back when they sold at 4+ DOGE… Where’s your “passive income” now, Cointiply Mining Game?

…speaking of “mining”. “Cloud” “mining”, even., which we part-1 reviewed, predictably, is behaving erratically. Though we “re-invested” our “earnings” from the initial “investment”, described in Part 1, the numbers on our dashboard went insane. scam or legit review
Wait… Did we not “re-invest” 300+ Dogecoin?..

Spoiler: since we experienced issues with withdrawing the earnings, which DogeMoon’s administration openly refused to correct, we were left with no choice, but “re-invest”, or stare at static numbers, asking ourselves, – goddamnit, why not Eobot?!. Each deposit has a 30-day lifetime and as it runs out, users have to either withdraw or re-invest actively. Our initial investment was discarded as a business expense for the sake of reviewing the service (=loss), so hey, while searching for time to write a part 2 of scam/legit review… (to be continued)

Here we are.

Wait… Did DMYF just post an article about a 0.4 drop in hourly free Dogecoin earnings on a faucet and make it into a big thing, then jumped to offering Cointiply hints, calculating Coinpot Token price and remembering about DogeMoon?.. Really?

Really. Cause we can.

P. S. Meanwhile, Freedoge minimum payout has further dropped by 0.1… Oh shi—

P. P. S. The article focused on the correlation and the effects, rather than the causes. The price of Dogecoin is continuously positively affected by the latest news, announcing that on the 5th of September, a bridge between Etherum and Dogecoin will be created. Yes. Dogetherum. That’s right. Thus, Dogecoin will serve the function not only of cross-exchange medium, but a cross-currency medium, which is of paramount importance to the whole cryptocurrency system. A much-needed consolidation made possible by Doge? Yes, please!

Count those Doge, don’t count on “cloud” mining, re-count your Cointiply profits/costs, register at… And…




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