Markets, News, Scams, Signals Scam, General Warning – Your Doge are at Risk!

dogecoin price
Source = Freedoge

Just yesterday we wanted to warn that, despite the changes of the price of Dogecoin, “faucet” did not react and pretended to pay out the minimum amount which did not change. slashed their minimum roll win from 0.22 to 0.09, Moondoge ( is a legitimate faucet which has nothing to do with!!!) have also reduced the speed of gathering Dogecoin by more thant half, while did nothing. It was a clear warning bell, but we have warned our readers so many times that we decided that it was unnecessary…

To all those, who have invested their Dogecoin in Dogecoin Cloudmining services = NOW IS A VERY TEMPTING TIME FOR SCAMMERS TO MAKE A RUN FOR IT WITH YOUR INVESTMENTS.

Dogecoin is inflationary, which means current price rise is exceptional and cannot last forever. Hence, we sense many cloud mining sites shutting down.

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