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DogeMoon scammers = closed.

As we expected, predicted, warned, explained… were proven to be scammers.

We are happy that, unlike TeslaMining, our Review (READ: DogeMoon” Dogecoin Cloud Mining Investment – Review (part 1) ) was persuasive enough to discourage the registration of referrals, despite the presence of the referral link.

Why did we insert the referral link, if we did not want users to register on the scammy criminal operation? 

To test the extent to which our readers trust our warnings.

DogeMoon = Scam.

Be careful out there.

10 thoughts on “DogeMoon scammers = closed.”

  1. They might be the same people behind and, same formats, wordings, everything. Please be careful.


    1. Thank you, we will mention!

      It would be surprising if the same group of people would not migrate from one “cloud” to another “cloud”. As long as people are willing to be cheated out of their money, it’s free money with minimum investment.


      1. Thanks for mentioning and
        I invested in dogemoon, I was paying, just when I was going to invest a large amount, closed, luckily I did not invest what I had planned, and I saw the pages that mention, but thanks, I will not invest in them ^^ and i lost my money, obviously


  2. as much as i want to promote this story could well be wrong as they could of gone broke rather than scammers a ponzi scheme is a scam u may say it is one typically the user waits around 30 days where doge moon ran for almost 50 i had three withdraws from there a little more than my deposit this dont mean i am sticking up for them of course they still owe me like 70 doge haha so u can imagine i am pissed at them lol but it could be a valid reason that they were closing due to going broke if that was the case still please send the 70 doge lol


    1. I invested about 1200 doge with them, and took out about 1600. but I knew from day 1 that they won’t last.

      my guess, they saw the sudden increase in doge value, and decided that was the best time to bail.


      1. And they were right, in the “best time” sense. They would crumble under the weight of people wanting to cash out anyhow sooner or later.

        We “iovested” 250, could not take out 360 because the admins weren’t cooperative, reinvested, – gone. But that was an expense for the sake of the review, so no profit was expected. Probably, we could have withdrawn the 360.

        Some people have thrown 100,000s in the system, though.

        Yes, now a lot of people are looking for the youngest Ponzi cloud scheme out there…


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