Coins, Faucet News, Faucets – Faucet Payment Test = Confirmed

Yesterday, amidst the chaos, created by the hike in Dogecoin price, we decided to stress-test Doge-related services, especially in light of closing down without pre-warning.

Needless to say, all services promoted by DMYF in one way or another, functioned perfectly. However, how about payments? was chosen as a test subject.

freedogecoin payment proof
We were surprised to discover that, despite the information stated elsewhere on and which we were reporting, the minimum withdrawal (for an instant transaction) is now 50 Dogecoin (or became 50?), not the 5 Doge we were quoting..

Transaction fees of 0.25 DOGE could also be lower.

In a couple of hours we were happy to confirm that the whole withdrawal process took seconds and the transfer arrived to an external wallet address within hours (nothing like the stated 48 hours).

Along with Moon Faucets, is a confirmed and approved source of Dogecoin income.

Despite our interest in Cointiply, one of the functions we have not yet tested personally is funds withdrawal. Following the success of our first withdrawal, Cointiply will also become an “approved” faucet (no longer formally”under review”). However, de-fato, we are promoting Cointiply without hesitation, as there has not been any evidence of problems with payment as other users are concerned (us receiving our income is a mere formality which can take long, since we do not have time to faucet).

Other than that, Currently Under Review:

Faucets: (not optimistic)
Casino: (surprisingly fun)
Cloudmining: eobot (the only pillar of hope, as Cloudmining legitimacy goes)
& much more.


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