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Cointiply “Mining Game” Guide: Gems


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The Cointiply Mining Game Gem system has briefly been mentioned in our Strategy Guide. Now is the time to elaborate on how we can utilise the system and avoid costly mistakes.

In short: you need Gems to keep your Coin Production (“mining”) “Efficiency” at 200% at all times, as well as being able to use Gems to repair depreciated upgrades (at a later stage).

If you will fail to “check in” (=open the Game page and make a few clicks) for days, your Coin Production “Efficiency” will drop to 0%, your “mine” will produce fuck all (with a minor exception related to the Specialty Building) and all your “investments” will temporarily become obsolete. 

An exempt from Cointiply’s dry, misleading and confusing FAQ page:

cointiply passive earning.png
So yeah, 200% Efficiency is a must; ergo, a stock of Gems is a must.

cointiply mining game gems
Efficiency isn’t cheap.

Since Coin Production rate (=Efficiency) drops over time (-2% per hour) and human beings need sleep, Cointiply game designers were kind enough to add an “auto-spend” Gem function, – Gems are deducted from your balance and your Efficiency is kept at 200% without fail.

Screen Shot 32
With Auto Spend on, all you have to worry about is having enough gems.

Gems are acquired via following methods:

Checking In by visiting the mine every hour to receive a few Gems. With a specialty building, you will automatically “check in” once every 24 hours.

This method will not make you rich.

cointiply free gems
Screen Shot 43
Enough to afford 4% Efficiency Boost.

– Purchasing the Gems in the Marketplace (for Coins you earned site-wide). Generally, Gems are cheap, so a one-time purchase of Gems to boost your “passive earning” (coin production, “Efficiency”) to 200% can be regarded as a viable “investment”.

Do it only once. Do not waste coins on gems regularly (unless it actually makes later-game sense of course).


– Setting site-wide earning mode to Gem Production. Apart from the passive “mining” income, everything you earn on Cointiply will be converted and credited in Gems instead of Coins.

Click the "Gem Mode" and don't forget to "Save Settings" if you want to quickly earn gems instead of coins.
Click the “Gem Mode” and don’t forget to “Save Settings” if you want to quickly earn Gems instead of Coins.

Faucet (roulette) will roll Gems, not Coins (generously!) with an added Loyalty Bonus (+100%). 
Referral Income will be paid out in Gems.
Coins you earn for “watching” videos will be converted to Gems.
Coins you earn for playing retarded Cointiply games will be converted to Gems (a total, utter, complete waste of time, – the “Games” feature is only perhaps comparable to the Premium Account in its hopeless uselessness)
Offer Wall rewards will be paid in Gems, not Coins.

Why is this feature so important?

– If you calculate the amount of Gems you need before you are able to acquire more and spend a little bit of time on Cointiply, you will not need to depend on buying Gems on the Marketplace, or rely on hourly check-ins, since Gem payouts are generous.

cointiply gem faucet
Loyalty Bonus ftw! 26% Efficiency in one roll.

No matter what, do not forget that the Mining Game is there for the sole purpose of retaining your hard-earned Coins within Cointiply.

If you just click the “Gem Mode” option, earn enough Gems to last you however long you wish, then un-click the “Gem Mode” option… 

Unless you choose to “Save Settings”, you will still be generating gems site-wide.

Don’t forget to “save” those goddamn “settings” every time you wish to make a change!

Of course, you can sell Gems on the Marketplace, but… Are we talking about a cryptocurrency faucet here or what?..


– If you are playing the Mining Game, always try to pre-calculate the amount of Gems you will need to keep your Efficiency at 200% 24/7.
– Spend some time on stockpiling Gems by using Site-Wide Gem Mode, but differentiate and prioritise. A one-second roulette roll which brings you 2500 Gems instead of, say, 100 Coins might be viable. What about a 20-minute Offer Wall Survey which potentially lets you earn thousands of Coins?
– Make best use of the Auto Spend function.
– Make best use of the Gem Mode function…


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