DMYF, Giveaway

DMYF: Our Dogecoin and Bitcoin Giveaways – Upd.

DOGECOIN Giveaway Update:

We’re happy to announce that:


In total,


(beta) BITCOIN (well, tbh, Satoshi) Giveaway Update:

Bitcoin Giveaway is much “younger” (this is only the second “round”). There are less participants, however we managed to share a few more Satoshi, bringing the shared amount to a…



Anyone can join and get some free Dogecoin and Satoshi! All one needs to do is to register account(s) on and using our referral links.

The more participants there are, the more we will be able to share!

The system is as simple as it gets, – we give back 100% of our referral income. Not more (the system does not allow us to share our own income):


but not less. Participating in the giveaway, you will get bonus coins in your Freebitcoin and Freedogecoin “wallets” out of thin air.

We are sharing the maximum we can; as often as we can. We would love to share more. And we shall! The number of active participants is growing; slowly, but steadily.

We do not profit from the Giveaway, we do not even advertise it externally to attract visitors. We do it because we can and because it fits our mission statement.

(a slight correction: we do get 1 Lottery Ticket and 1 Reward Point for every roll our referrals make on FBC. In practice, – compared to monsters professional lottery players such as these:

freee bitcoin lottery
Hm, do you think the winner just got lucky?

Lottery Tickets are a waste of letters on screen; Reward Points are of some use, but the amount generated is hardly worth the Satoshi given away, plus even the time writing about the whole Giveaway hassle… While our FDC is pure charity, as there are no other rewards one gets from having a referral, apart from the %of a referral’s roll… – and no, that % is not deducted from your earnings, so not being someone’s referral is pure misanthropic, egotistic and psychopathic stinginess, – why let the Faucet keep the coins which could have helped someone out?)

P. S. “We have a dream…”

(*spoiler*) Once we reach our Stage 1 goals, we promise and guarantee many more pleasant surprises. We aim to give away 100% of income from every faucet we are on. Only FBC and FDC allow us to do it directly, so, when it comes to Cointiply and the Moon Faucets we will have to develop some form of a bounty/freebie/bonus system… For now, if you want some more free cryptocurrency, we can afford to give some away in exchange for (very simple) help with our project. Read more:  Our News: DMYF is Hiring Freelancers!

We thank all participants, hope to welcome new users and one day see the Doge figures in hundreds of thousands and BTC figures in …less decimals!

All the best,

Chief Editor, DMYF



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