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Cointiply Payout Confirmation; Faucet Status: Legit


DMYF spent quite some time reviewing Cointiply and, thus, promoting its services. The reviews were often mixed; we praised the variety of ways to earn and criticised questionable features such as the Premium Account warned users that the insane OfferWall earnings (sometimes going up over 20000 coins per action) can put their privacy at risk and openly stated that, unless one heavily invests in the Mining Game, adopting a strategy, some common sense and a calculator apps the Game will eat one’s earnings away and ROIs will never be worth it.

Despite all, the Faucet was still de-jure “under review”, since up until now, we never have, actually, requested/received a payout.

Cointiply is as young as our project (went online in February), still is in Beta and though we have had no reason to mistrust its legitimacy, we had no reason to vouch for it either. We knew that it is a paying faucet (no one reported serial problems withdrawing their earnings) and we simply could not dedicate enough time to actually focus on faucet activity and earning the minimum (the FaucetHub withdrawal option of 35000 is a no-no, – why the hell would anyone want to involve a third party and pay an unnecessary commission?). Then came the Mining Game, which we had to review “by popular demand”, – that ate away our balance.

Finally, although at the moment, Dogecoin‘s price makes a Doge withdrawal a “with the flow” decision (one could say that it’s wiser to save up 100,000 coins to purchase some BTC, all things considered), however as Cointiply earnings are fiat regardless, we decided to go for the minimum of 50,000 Coins Withdrawal option.

Cointiply withdraw

After the withdrawal was requested…

cointiply withdraw doge
…and confirmed…

cointiply withdrawal request
…its status hanged as “Pending” for a while (meaning that withdrawals are, most likely, manually approved). We only checked up on it once;  it was marked as “sent” and, shortly thereafter…

Went through. The funds were transferred less than 24 hours after submission of the withdrawal request.

We are happy to confirm that Cointiply is a legitimate faucet that offers multiple earning opportunities and pays out as promised.

What now?

Cointiply moves from the “Under Review” to “Core” Faucet category. We will publish a summary review, in addition to a few more guides and tips. We will treat it with less suspicion and more boldly recommend it to our readers. We also will dedicate less time to it and use the much-needed funds test other services.

Q: So, does this mean that Cointiply is 100% trustworthy? 

A: Not a single cryptocurrency-focused service is 100% trustworthy. Cryptocurrency itself is not “100% trustworthy”, as its legal status is yet undetermined, en masse. On the other hand, Cointiply merely pays out in cryptocurrency; it is a fiat-earning website, catering to the cryptocurrency crowd.



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