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Faucet Payout Time: Freedogecoin vs. Cointiply

Freedoge altogether took around 30 minutes from the moment the request was submitted to the moment the funds landed in an external wallet.

withdraw dogeoin
withdrawing dogecoin


Minimum Withdrawal Amount: 50 Doge
Transaction Times: From 30 Minutes
Approval: Automatic
Email Confirmation: No
2FA (extra layer of security): No
Fees: 0.25 Doge


Minimum Withdrawal Amount: The Equivalent of 5$ (in Dogecoin)
Transaction Times: Circa 24 Hours
Approval: Manual
Email Confirmation: Yes
2FA (extra layer of security): No
Fees: 0


*Manual Approval can be a good thing (if there are security concerns), or a bad thing (if the faucet administration decided to not like you). 
* 2FA/Confirmation is a good thing, – you do not want your funds withdrawn by someone who guessed your password.
* There is no reason for you to keep your earnings with a Faucet, unless you want to have an option of instant withdrawal at hand (e. g. always keeping a safetynet amount which allows you to forget about the minimums; thus avoiding a situation where, say, 25 Doge get “stuck”), or a Faucet incentivises you to do so (e. g. by offering an interest rate, like FreeBitcoin, or a risky 90-day “investment” scheme, like Cointiply). Until the funds are in your wallet, they are not yours
* Choose a wallet wisely, pick a strong password, maintain paper backups, use a secure browser, enable every security feature there is. 
* HODLing cryptocurrency is risky; do the necessary research before picking a currency to “save”; beware of price fluctuations.
* Coinpot is not a wallet, it is a faucet income aggregator. Do not hold funds in your Coinpot account. 
* Be honest with yourself: faucet income will not make you rich. Since the amounts are minor, DMYF philosophy implies that faucet earnings should always “work”.  However, that is our philosophy and, since we are a non-profit project, testing various services is our mission, – let us do the risking first. Learn from our mistakes.


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