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Pre-weekend News: FreeBitcoin’s Reward Points – 3x Promo in 12 Hours; Eobot Removes GRC

3x reward points (RP) promotion starts in 12:07:27 (6 RP/free roll, 3 RP/referral free roll, 3 RP/multiply roll). Follow us on twitter to be notified before the promotion starts!
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We have published the Reward Point and Coinpot Token Strengths review after last Reward Point promo was over. Well, here’s another one!

Eobot (popular cloud mining service under review) is removing GRC: if you have GRC in your Eobot balance, exchange them to other currencies, or withdraw the balance before it’s gone. 

What is GRC
Source: Eobot

GRC on Coinmarketcap:

We are new to Eobot and, thus, will refrain from detailed comment; all we will say is that we do not like services removing coins without an email announcement. In the crypto market, however, it is absolutely normal.


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