Cointiply Mining Game Strategy Tips – Winter Is Coming

From what it seems, Gems are becoming increasingly important in the Cointiply Mining Game economy. As a lot of players are slowly approaching that horrific “need to spend gems for building maintenance” stage, the demand for Gems is creeping up, while the supply is creeping down.

cointiply mining game strategy

Reminder: without Gems, a Mine is immobilised. 

As conversion rates are going up, many consider investing in gems, anticipating a future price increase on the Gem Marketplace. We will not go as far as suggesting any investments of the sort, however, we will suggest that players take measures to prevent having to spend their Coins for Gems.

cointiply gems


– The Gem Marketplace is an auction-style exchange; a player can set a desirable price without the obligation to sell. If a buyer is not found, the Gems will reappear in the balance.

– We cannot see the C:G conversion rate going down any time soon.

– An excellent short-term source of Gems is Cointiply 10-30-second Videos. Whether one decides to employ the acquisition method we previously described or not is up to personal discretion (all possible warnings have been mentioned).

– A minimum of 4848 Gems is required daily to keep efficiency at a level at all times.

(assuming that auto-spend is on) When Gem Mode is active, only the Mine Coin revenue will be credited in Coins; every other Cointiply source of income will be credited in Gems. Depending on the amount of referrals, a possible tactic is switching Gem Mode on before going to sleep; if one forgets to check up on the Efficiency levels, the Referral income converted to Gems might offer a safety net.

– Always check whether the correct earning mode is on. Is taking that 10000 Coin survey in Gem Mode a wise decision, considering the fact that Coins can be used to expand the Mine and purchase Gems? 

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