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Cointiply OfferWall – Earning Coins for Playing Games – Tips

Browsing through Cointiplys OfferWalls, we decided to test the “Coins for Games” section.

=earn $0.27 for playing a game.


– Be careful when installing apps! Some might be harmful and dangerous to your personal data. If possible, use a disposable device, untied to your main accounts!
– Some apps require a purchase (yes, that’s how a lot of players got their high-end Mines). Others encourage you to make a purchase. Caution!
– Cointiply does not hold itself responsible for anything third-party (including coin-crediting). Some Coins MIA? That’s between you and some OfferToro. 

In practice: 

Time taken: circa 15 minutes.
Difficulty: low.
Process: Install, Play, Uninstall.
Coins credited: Immediately.


Risky, can be time-consuming and annoying, amount of offers is limited, however reportedly, good offers do appear


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