Cointiply Mining Game Guide – Helpful Numbers, pt. 1 & 2

(by the way…) Cointiply has introduced a well-designed, flashy Multiplier Game and as per our instruction removed repositioned the ridiculous profitless Browser Games section.

*Offtopic want to earn up to $7 for playing games?.. For starters, read the real “Coins for Playing Games on Cointiply Article*

Alarmingly, the administration is using the funds temporarily gained from users’ participation in the Mining Game to further discourage users from withdrawing their earnings. Although not uncommon to faucets, Multipliers are a familiar evil; for the record, we will mention that we do not endorse gambling and we would rather see Cointiply work for, not against its clients. If released out of greed, the Multiplier can be overlooked. However, if yet another feature targeted at users’ pockets is an indication of Cointiply facing cashflow difficulties…

Playing Cointiply’s Mining Game is not free, it is not an investment, but a gamble. All warnings have been issued previously. Play responsibly, or, better, do not play at all. We are not offering any advice regarding financial decision-making; everything we write about is for entertainment purposes only.

Q: How do I play the Mining Game? What are the rules?
A: Cointiply’s Mining Game has nothing to do with cryptocurrency mining. De-facto, it barely can be called a game. CMG offers users to (keep their earnings within the system=) “purchase” “Mining Power” for their site-wide earnings. 1 unit of MP costs 100 Coins ($0.01). Until expiry, a purchase of 34 MP guarantees 1 Coin-per-Hour return.  

(a non-philosophical, numbers-based) Attempt To Answer the “How Much Can I Expect to “Mine” playing the Game:
Part 1: Leader


  • Cointiply has not yet allowed direct purchase of Mining Power using external funding, maintaining fickle stability of the game’s economic microcosm. Players can only expand their mine by staking their Cointiply earnings. There are ways around it, but overall, the earning opportunities offered are sufficient for growth.
  • There are about 2000 active players. Whether this population is more than the great minds of Cointiply school of Business and Statistics, – time will tell.
  • Whoever the Leader is, he or she either had inside info, or significant savings. In any case, the Leader “went for it” with no hesitation. Initial investment+bonuses for being at the top+grinding = …No. 1: 


    The Leader has bought his Mine for $5244.67.
    It “returns” $3.09 per hour ($74.04 per day).
    In total, it returned $4320.14 (not counting bonuses, prizes, etc.), definitely making a profit.

  • Leader’s numbers should not discourage anyone; if anything, they are not astronomical. If not for the Bonuses, we would even consider stating that the numbers aren’t worth the hassle ($3.09 p/h is a minimum wage in… what country?..). The Leader only spent a fraction of the MP cost; the rest was covered by the returns…
  • Top-100 are in a Bonus Pool of their own. Getting to Top-100 is “winning” of sorts… and, we would dare assume, is impossible for those who started playing late.
  • In perspective:..No. 200:

    No. 200 spent $213 on improving the Mine.
    The Mine returned $170.
    Hourly Mine-only income is $0.13, or $3.12 a day.

  • Morale: Interestingly enough, the three ways of playing the Game which we hypothesised in our first reviews seem to be correct. The most profitable Mine is an inexistent Mine. However, should a user want to make something of his or her efforts in the Mining Game, heavy purchases made as early as possible are the way forward.
  • A non-OfferWall way of earning on Cointiply is limited in its potential. A mid-level, non-referral “softcore” calculation, based on average numbers and an 8-hour-ish on-off Website daily routine (1hr in total) = Faucet(8*50)+Snores TV Videos(3*1500)-Cointiply Videos (3*240)+PTC Ads(10*3)+Referrals(X)+Mine Income(X)-Gem Acquisition(X) = circa 6-7k guaranteed Coins a day ($0.60-$0.70). Okay numbers for a cryptocurrency faucet; not okay numbers for growing a Mine.
  • OfferWall daily earnings = there are tasks which pay 10000 Coins for 15 minutes of time. One tactic: using Faucet-level earnings for Gem Acquisition and OfferWall earnings for Mine Expansion.
    *WARNING: OfferWalls can be dangerous!*

    Part 2: Referrals


    Referrals are not pivotal to making a profit on Cointiply or the Mining Game. By referring a user, one earns 25% of the value of the referred user’s Faucet (Roulette) claims and 10% of “everything else”.

    In practice, if the average Roulette claim is 50 Coins p/h and an average user makes 8 claims a day, that is 100 Coins per day per user referred. Which is not much at all. Cointiply’s main avenues of income is the “everything else” part (Surveys, Tasks, Videos), 10% means that at least 10 active referred users’ efforts are equivalent to one user’s work. In practice, an active and intelligent user is worth more.

    Judging by the statistics, only about 3000 semi-active users playing the Mining Game. Adding to that another 1500 hypothetical non-Mining users, we get the number of 4500 total Cointiply “players”. We would dare say that even the top barely has hundreds of Referrals.

    Conclusion: Undoubtedly, referrals are great, but are not necessary for intermediate success and intermediate profits. Cointiply can be generous enough to every individual.

    (to be continued…) 


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