DMYF – Important News

Some of our readers/subscribers may ask: what the hell is going on with DMYF?.. Before, there were daily news coverage articles, there were reviews of new services, analytic pieces… Now, there is Cointiply-Cointiply-Cointiply, plus an occasional Coinpot Token article…

The answer is simple: DMYF Beta project, as it is, has outlived itself.
We never planned creating a blog (the quality of our writing supersedes any blog).
We have never planned to focus publishing information on microearnings (Faucets).
We have had a clear vision of how DMYF will develop. Unfortunately, life has a way of mixing plans up. Despite all difficulties, the project shall persevere.


Unfortunately, we are understaffed. At least four-five enthusiasts working part-time would be necessary to maintain the momentum we set at the start. We do receive “we want to work for you” emails, but most of those consist either of self-promotion, or do not meet our quality requirements.

Unfortunately, we are underfunded. We have no investors behind our backs. We dedicate as much time to DMYF as possible, but since we are a non-profit organisation, we cannot abandon our daily jobs.

Unfortunately, our readers might think that we earn 10000k through referral income. That is simply not true. We barely have any referrals.

Unfortunately, despite having extensive experience in delivering high-quality content online (it’s scary how time flies, – we actually were the first ones to receive an invitation to beta-test LiveJournal... who remembers what LiveJournal is?..), under the current format, the project will not move far.

On a good note: 

A kind gentleman has donated a certain amount which allowed us to buy external hosting. That is what we are currently occupied with.

We ask our readers to be patient and to believe in us: soon enough, the world will witness DMYF 2.0 going online… and may the volcanos erupt, seas boil and may our competition tremble.

We are getting there.

Stay put. You won’t regret it.

Kind regards,


Want to help?

Check out our Vacancies section. 

Have a few Doge lying around? Donate them to us. Have a few Doge lying around? Donate them to us. 

Have an idea/want to cooperate/have a suggestion? Drop us an email.

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