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Dogecoin and Satoshi Giveaways – Update


A few more Dogecoin have been shared. Just so our participants would not think that we are keeping any profits to ourselves…

dogecoin giveaway

A few more Satoshi have been shared…

free bitcoin

We descried the mechanics behind both giveaways previously.

Example: You have a FBC/FDC account with little to no active referrals. Why not make a final withdrawal, register a new account using our referral link? By doing so, you are guaranteed to receive additional Sat/Doge on top of your original earnings.

How much can you expect to receive if you participate in our giveaways?




So… Join – Roll – Get Extra Satoshi/DOGE!

Participate in the Satoshi Giveaway by registering on Freebitco.in
Participate in the Dogecoin Giveaway by registering on Freedoge.co.in

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