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Cointiply Mining Game – Mine-Breaking News

Cointiply’s Mining Game mechanics have been significantly altered. 

1. Before: Part of the community was terrified of Level Expiry. All Building Upgrades have a “timer”; once it runs out, a user either has to rebuild the Upgrade using Gems, or lose the income from the Upgrade altogether.

Why terrified? Because Gem prices are in control of Cointiply and are a tool used for “making sure the system is sustainable” (no comment). When 1 Coin bought 8 Gems, looking at Upgrades which costed XXXXX to rebuild was not pleasant.

Now: Users can Rebuild/Maintain the Upgrades/Levels of their Buildings at any time they want.

A quick “How To Rebuild/Maintain Building Levels Early” Guide: 

Click on Building – Level and Details... Expires in 16 Days?! Ho Lee Fuk!
Early Rebuild to the rescue! (while Gems are cheap)
No, I want a Lamborghini Diablo, but a Rebuild will do, I guess.
The Upgrade will generate Coins for 117 more days (hypothetically).


Click on Level and Details, scroll aaall the way down…

3. GpC Conversion Rate is looking better and better… (spoiler: don’t get used to it) Isn’t it a great time to donate all your earnings to Cointiply earn some Gems to reconstruct those expensive upgrades?

Gems Cointiply

cointiply mining game
x2 (100% loyalty bonus) = …
cointiply upgrade cost
Before: 8 GpC. Now: 20+ GpC. In perspective: a 10-second Cointiply Video = 8 Coins * 8 = 64 Gems… 8 * 20 = 160 Gems.

3. Referral Income can no longer be converted to Gems via the “Earn Gems Site-Wide” function.

Cointiply, you are either reading our minds, or reading our articles. Our guess is the latter. Which is cool. Just do not plagiarise and copy-paste, as some do. Please.

At the moment: Referral Income and Mine Income are paid out in Coins, full stop.

What does this mean?

If a user had circa 20 active Referrals, he or she could feel safe about daily maintenance of the mine (the 4k+ Gems necessary for daily 200% Efficiency maintenance could have been covered by Referral Income). That ship has sailed. Goodbye, ship. Hello, Coins…

4. Maximum level of the only Special Building (Maintenance Hangar) is now 6000. “In our dreams”. 

5. There have been changes to the Gem Marketplace operation. A separate Marketplace article is in the making, so we’ll leave it at that.

Early Rebuilds Players can now rebuild individual levels any time they wish on a pro-rated basis based on the total lifespan of that level. Players can now "Rebuild All" levels with one click. Expired levels would be fully rebuilt, while levels that have not expired would be rebuilt on a prorated basis based on the total lifespan of that level. Players can "Rebuild Max," which will use as many Gems as they have available to rebuild as many levels as possible, all with one click. Referral Earnings All referral earnings are now paid in Coins, regardless of whether the player is in Gem Mode or Coin Mode for earning. Marketplace Marketplace listings include up to 2 decimal points, and the GpC (Gems per Coin) now includes the marketplace fee when being calculated. There are new pricing restrictions on Gem Marketplace listings to prevent accidental or stagnant Gem sales. Maintenance Hangar Maintenance Hangar has a new max of 6,000 levels.

Update Details… in Cointiply Language.



This is a news article, free of theorising, hypothesising and philosophising. The changes made are significant enough for players to rethink their strategies. Some updates are good, some are less so…. What we must mention is:

– Without declaration of war prior announcement, Cointiply is capable of making changes which can completely mess up the existing balance.
– If playing the Mining Game, until withdrawn, a user’s earnings are in the hands of Cointiply.
Adapt, calculate, think of exit strategies, follow the news, keep up with the GpC rate and remember:

Cointiply never stated that the Income a user can expect from investing earnings in the Mining Game is “for life”.


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