Free Bitcoin/Satoshi Giveaway (beta): Update

We are happy to witness some progress in our early-stages Bitcoin giveaway! We hope to see the number of participants grow and the future amount shared skyrocket!

For now…

free satoshi
400 Satoshi have been shared this round.

Note: if you have not received any Satoshi during this giveaway round it means you haven’t made a single roll lately. 

When sharing the Satoshi, we have to make a choice between:

Sharing amount equally among all referrals
Sharing amount based on total referral activity
Sharing amount based on referral activity since last payout

Naturally, at this stage, priority is given to rewarding those who work the hardest. If anyone believes the system is unfair, – let us know your suggestions by contacting us!

P. S. When it comes to our Dogecoin Giveaway, since the algorithm is different, so is the distribution pattern.

All the best,


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