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Cointiply: Earn More, Work Less; TapResearch Went Mad?

Recently, Cointiply OfferWalls seem to promise some insane rewards. Without doing much research… a few thoughts.

A possible explanation to the phenomenon could be the fact that Gem Mode is on. However, if so, why do most surveys pay out normally, while others offer monstrous rewards (time:reward ratios recently popping up just do not make sense).

Cointiply pays $3 for 11 minutes take survey
30,600 Coins for 11 minutes?… 21.378 for 15 minutes looks so bleak…


* 10000 Coins = $1 USD.

* Minimum payout – $3,5 USD (via FaucetHub – NOT recommended) – Bitcoin; $5 – directly to Dogecoin wallet, etc.

* TapResearch pays out a certain percentage of the final reward even if the user did not qualify for the study (!). Why that is awesome and how to make the best of it, has been covered…:

Read More: Cointiply – “Earn More, Work Less” Strategy Series: Tap Research

* “Minutes to Complete” are not always accurate. There have been 3-minute surveys which took over 10 minutes to complete and there have been 25-minute surveys which could be completed in less than 10 minutes. Overall, however, “bigger” surveys tend to involve a lot of reading, demand attention and interaction.

* To put things in perspective: a Download-App-Play-Game tasks valued at $4-$6 usually take hours to complete.

Ergo: unless the high payouts are a bug… Well, most likely, the numbers are a bug. Or Big Brother is really interested in asking a few questions. Joke. Although, who knows?..

P. S. Miners – ever considered “wasting” a “fat” offer on stocking enough Gems until forever?..

P. P. S. Nothing in this world is free. Exercise caution, suspicion… and, goddamnit, when a survey site is demanding access to your webcam… Use your best judgement. We live in a free world. A “safety tips” series is in production; other than that, no matter hoe many disclaimers are posted, personal responsibility is personal responsibility. Sadly, human beings, en masse, are irresponsible.

As to the sky-high rewards…

Time will tell, DMYF will report.


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