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A Year Ago, Bitcoin Price Dropped By $2000…

btc price

…will history repeat itself?
…what has caused the price drop?
…is this “the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning’?

We will not answer any of these questions.

We will let the magnificently informed, all-round knowledgeable and brilliantly versed cryptoreporters google queries such as “why btc fell“, “bitcoin prediction 2019“, “hard fork definition” so they’d at least stop staring at the specs of the new iPhone and maybe did some writing.

Similarly, we will not comment upon various pleasant characters likes of George Soros giving hush-hush statements along the lines of “Bitcoin is nothing but a bubble…” just so (with the aid of aforementioned “journalists”) the price drops enough for Soros’ own (surprise!) cryptocurrency fund enters the market on rather more favorable terms.

As for Warren Buffett

“We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful.”

…we will not discuss Berkshire Hathaway investing $600 in two fintech firms, – that’s like so two-week-old news.

We will humbly remind our readers that Bitcoin faucets’ rewards increase during market downtimes:

Register on MoonBitcoin

Register on FreeBitcoin

Register on BonusBitcoin

Register on BitFun

(although EoBot is is still under review, the cloud mining platform also has a faucet)

…oh, how about that BitcoinCash rumoured fork?

Don’t forget about MoonBitcoincash

Last, but not least, – in case anyone expects a price hike following a price dip and feels reckless enough to risk buying some Bitcoin while the price is low, but does not feel to navigate through exchanges, arguably the most convenient and instant way to buy Bitcoin online is Changelly (accepts Visa, Mastercard… and about 100 cryptocurrencies)

Changelly interface for buying bitcoins

As it’s a wallet-to-wallet service, no “deposits” are needed: once a user enters the desired amount, inputs the recepient’s wallet address (no wallet – no problem; it can be created on the spot), makes a purchase and… receives coins within minutes.

Unfortunately, the minimum purchase amount is $50, however the conversion rates are good and the speed+simplicity of the process counterbalance the cons. In addition to that, Changelly offers crypto-to-crypto exchange services. Changelly might not be the cheapest option on the market, but is a trustworthy, reliable and user-friendly choice (Changelly on Trustpilot).

P. S. We do not offer financial advice. We are neither encouraging anyone to purchase Bitcoin, nor are we hypothesising that the price will necessarily go up after yesterday’s dip. All information is published for entertainment and educational purposes.


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