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Cointiply: Earn More, Work Less – OfferWall Tips

*disclaimer: third-party app downloads may cause harm to your device, OfferWall offers might infringe your privacy and “free-to-play” games can be addictive and end up costing much more than traditional “pay once” games!

Yet again, we remind that there are differences between Cointiply’s OfferWalls’ rewards and the reward process itself.

Example: Lords Mobile, online MMORPG, free-to-play.

LordsMobile on AdGate Media
AdGate Media: $1.30
LordsMobile on OfferYToro
OfferToro: $1.99

A user can earn from $1.30 to $1.99 for downloading the app and completing the requirements.

(proof of payment)

LM proof
Adgate Media Offer Completed proof and got 13056 coins

The requirements are different, however both offers are easy to complete  in one to two hours.

AdGate Media rewards as promised. Whenever it does not reward for one reason or another, a quick email (ideally with a screenshot) sent to Support solves the issue.

OfferToro is slower to reward and its Support is less easy to access.

We are still experiencing difficulties claiming an OfferToro reward. 

As soon as both OfferWallstick” the Offer as completed, the Cointiply balance increases by the respective amount. Cointiply receives no reward if a user receives no reward and contacting Cointiply Support is ineffective, as their responsibility over OfferWalls (including safety and security!) is limited.

AdGate OfferWall process is simpler: once clicked, a user has access to a link which, when accessed via a mobile device browser tracks the offer completion.

OfferToro, instead, asks for a user’s email address and further instructions are supposed to be accessed from the device’s email inbox… making a user share his or her email address with yet another organisation which really cares about users’ privacy.

Sidenote: IGG is a legitimate game studio and Lords Mobile, Castle Clash, Clash of Lords are legitimate apps (=theoretically, safe to instal, as far as we know). What trackers are installed and what happens during the installation process – we do not know.

IGG can afford to first pay OfferToro/AdGate/…, which takes its commission and then pays Cointiply which, after taking a commission, pays a user $2-ish for, potentially, getting hooked on a game within the hours necessary to complete an offer and spend a ton of money, becoming a long-term player,

(rhetoric) Question: what % of the sum total amount spent by IGG reaches the user and how much do “third parties” keep to themselves?..


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