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FreeBitcoin – Two Boosts, One Roll (+promo reminder); Free Bitcoin Without CAPTCHA!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

As always, FreeBitcoin is running a promo (4x reward points (RP) promotion currently running and ends in 44:01:18 (8 RP/free roll, 4 RP/referral free roll, 4 RP/multiply roll).

We’ve decided to test whether it is possible to buy two boosts for the Points at once…

free bitcoin roll of 09649 and receiving a win of 0.00000116 btc


This opens some room for manoeuvre.

Oh, yeah, FBC completely got rid of Captcha. 
Captcha has ceased to be.
Captcha has expired and gone to meet its maker.

No Captcha in freebitco
No Captcha in sight! Goodbye, FIRE HYDRANTS!!!!



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