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URGENT: MyDoge Dogecoin Faucet – Scam?

Q: “MyDoge is not paying out…”

A: MyDoge is a VERY dodgy faucet.

What we know:

  • It infects (at least – used to) your browser (or tries to) with a mining script (symptoms: computer slowing down, fan going insane, overheating, crashing). Browser only, hopefully. And mining-only.
  • Experiencing something of the sort?1. Clear browser cache, carefully look through extensions (Chrome is specifically vulnerable), make sure the browser is up to date. Better yet – uninstall the browser altogether, run a system clean software to get rid of whatever’s left over and re-install.
  • Pick a good browser. Antivitus, malware scans won’t hurt. 
  • Every extension  = potential vulnerability.
  • Check registry/startup items.
  • Fauceting is risky and faucetimg using your Admin account is 10x more risky.

Hopefully your device was not infected, but “not paying out” might be the least of your worries when MyDoge is concerned.

Read: Admin Email Bounces. Faucet Asking for Donations. 

We have not had time to fully investigate MyDoge. It might be under new management, who knows. Or it is now “non-contagious“. It might even pay out once in a while, – best scams always do.

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